Sun Feb 19 2012 08:11 PM
Re: D.C. Underage Drinking Investigation Causes Parent Uproar

We had parental parents that got out of control but never any booze there... my Dad was an alcoholic before I was born (really he stopped because it was the only way my mom would date him) so we never had any alcohol in the house.... but we had some pretty good parties at our place.

I just never got into drinking when I was younger... I thought it was pretty stupid to get drunk (still do) but I was an athlete and didn't want to do anything that would hurt my body... now that I'm not an athlete any more I will have a drink now and then but do so responsibly...

ok... off my soap box...

I do agree with what others have said though, I've always felt the drinking age should be 18 or 19... if you can join the army you should be allowed to have a drink.

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