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#1903729 11/17/2021 5:30 AM
by lampdogg
Surely we can do that, can’t we?

Here is more bad news: the Lions have dropped several close games and are due to get their first W.

On O, we should run the damn ball, hopefully Chubb is back this week, and what I hope for as much as anything, is that our deep passing game can gel, to put pressure on the Lions secondary.

On D, we have to do what we didn’t do against the Patriots. Whatever that is exactly, we have to do it, or someone is getting fired next week in Berea.

I wish Vers was here, he was excellent at providing well-thought analysis into this thread.

Chase: just keep kicking as per usual.
Have at it , kids.
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#1903848 Nov 17th a 08:12 PM
by Dawg Citizen
Dawg Citizen
Originally Posted by mgh888

If we do that it doesn't matter what else we do - because I believe there is far too much talent to lose to Detroit if we simply play like that.

You're right about having far too much talent than them. Detroit is the worst team in the NFL period. We can not play down to their level by making stupid mistakes and penalties. We must play with intensity and to save a season that had so much promise! If we do that, we should win easily.
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#1903751 Nov 17th a 01:39 PM
by jaybird
If we lose we might as well shut it down for the year...
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#1903770 Nov 17th a 04:01 PM
by oobernoober
Originally Posted by Dave

Jared Goff has an oblique injury. David Blough anyone?
We're doomed.
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#1903851 Nov 17th a 08:21 PM
Just execute, limit the stupid mistakes (penalties, turnovers, etc) and play with intensity and we should win this game.
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#1903984 Nov 18th a 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by boofers20
Holy crap I looked it up, we haven't beat detroit in a regular season game since 2001??? I guess I got mixed up with us beating them a few times in pre-season but we better send blitzes out the wazoo at them
The only one I really remember is the one when Stafford got injured and he went to the sidelines and they took him into the tent, prayed and rubber him with holy water, and he came back onto the field on the verge of death itself (they may have sewed his right arm back on during a TV timeout, I can't remember), but he rallied them for the game winning TD. At least that's what the broadcasters said happened.
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#1904017 Nov 18th a 01:16 PM
by MemphisBrownie
I don't really care. He is gone and this board is better as a result.
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