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#1907734 12/01/2021 4:30 PM
by bonefish
After twelve weeks of football and a 500 record. It is a good time to look at roster weakness and depth.

Depth is always a concern because players get injured and depth gets tested.

I am at a point where I don't want to include Baker. The reason is the topic has been beaten to death.

IMO we know which players the team is invested in and are obviously talented. Some of this is clear fact. Some is my opinion.

Chubb, Hunt, Myles, Ward, Newsome, JOK, Bitonio, Teller, Clowney ( he has proven himself), McDowell (also has proved himself). Wills is a first round pick.
So, I will list him even as I am beginning to have doubts. DPJ is showing ability but still needs to show more impact. Delpit is really a rookie but he has shown some talent. Greedy is coming off a major setback but has played well. Jarvis is a good player but his time as a premier player maybe ending. Njoku has talent and I believe we will sign him. John Johnson and Hill were signed to contracts. Their play has been mixed. I am going to put d'Earnest here because when he plays. He delivers. Tretter is a starter and good player. Conklin is a terrific player but now injured.

There are rookies with incomplete grades. Some have played a little some hardly at all.

Schwartz, Felton, Hudson, LeCounte, Fields, Togiai,

We have others on short term deals.
Takk, Malik Jackson, Walker, Smith.

The rest of the players are on the roster are questionable. Some can be considered depth. Others have been draft picks or free agents that have had mixed results.

Phillips, Elliott, Taki, Wilson, Bryant, Hooper, Keenum, Dunn, Harris

I have not covered every guy but most. The rest are borderline players that are up and down on the practice squad. Others are current depth that may come and go.

Two positions jump out for weakness and depth.

Receivers and OT.

Bradley is on the roster but was just added. Higgins has been on the roster but has hardly played.

We do not have a major threat at receiver. Nobody will draw double coverage. Nobody is a game changer. Nobody is now an all pro.

On the depth chart for OT is Hudson behind Wills. At RT nobody is listed behind Hance who is a backup guard.

At TE Hooper IMO has been a major disappointment. He is average and is getting paid like an all pro.

All players on a roster can not be all-stars. Some guys are going to be question marks because they don't get reps. Some players are later round picks who are in a development process. Some guys will fill spots on a roster but are borderline players. That is common on all NFL rosters.

When you look at the current record and obvious results. The offense has been a problem. The passing game is weak. We are no threat to make a comeback when behind by two scores.

The defense had been up and down but has played better.

There are conclusions that can be drawn. Baker has been inconsistent. He has shown in past performance that he can be good. At other times his play has been poor.

Odell left town. Nothing to add to that because he never did much while here. However, the receiver unit is below average at best. I don't believe that can be disputed. We are a run based team. We have limited ability to strike deep. We do not have a go to receiver.

With Conklin down the tackle position is an issue. Wills seems to struggle in pass protection. I know he an ankle problem. I am unsure he is worthy of being a first round talent. However, he still very young and does have skill.

I made this attempt because I want answers. I thought we would be better than we have shown.

I believe you have to look at the roster and not one player. The quarterback position is a dominate position. But it is also a position that depends heavily on others to have success.

We are six and six and have played that way. There are still games to be played. Looking at the roster is important to find some answers. The other evaluation that impacts the record is coaching.
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by PrplPplEater
I’m 34 years old yet it feels like I’m never gonna see the browns win a division title

I'm 50, and I think I was in high school the last time I saw it. Buckle up, your ride just started rofl
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Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Oh no! ooo

Now you will draw the wrath of the apologists! tsktsk
Oh look, the "Baker is our only problem" pitchfork mob is making fun of the apologists.
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#1915076 Dec 28th a 09:17 PM
by FrankZ
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
I told you in the Game Day forum I was gong to let it go in my last post and I am. Everyone saw what happened and can come to their own conclusion. If that's what you mean by me winning an argument, you're right. We both know "everything" you said so no need to go on with it. I'll let my above post speak for itself.

This is not letting it go. This is last word syndrome.
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by Steubenvillian
Originally Posted by WSU Willie
Originally Posted by bonefish
I think you make some valid points.

The only issue I have with Myles was exposed in the Patriot game.

You can take advantage of his agressive pass rush. They ran screens right over him. Sometimes he can also can be run at.

Clowney is really good against the run. His backside pursuit is out of sight. I really like them in combination.

IMO Myles is the best pass rusher in football.

Myles was exposed two years ago.

This is why you need good LBs, something we never have. I was high on Philips. He was raw last year, but you could see his growth and improvement as the year went on. All teams do this to good pass rushers, thats how they take them out of the play. It happens to all of them. Calling this a weakness for Myles is not accurate, IMO. He makes plenty of alternate moves, even on run downs. When the DE is drawn in like that, that is where the good LBs make their money. JOK, gets that. I think Philips was getting it too.

Walker reminds me of all the parade of LBs that have come thru here. Smart, athletic,, but not a game wrecker.
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by WSU Willie
WSU Willie
I would trade the speed of light...for every other starting TE in our division.
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Originally Posted by DCDAWGFAN
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Oh no! ooo

Now you will draw the wrath of the apologists! tsktsk
Oh look, the "Baker is our only problem" pitchfork mob is making fun of the apologists.
Right... because you have to be one or the other!
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#1914954 Dec 28th a 02:32 PM
by bonefish
That is an interesting stat.

But we probably throw less than most teams. Then it is a matter of what comes first?

We don't throw because we lack receivers? Have no faith in the quarterback?

Or, because we have such a great running game?

Baker came into the NFL has a guy with the reputation and stats as a thrower.

His first season under a dysfuctional coaching staff. He set the record for TD's by a rookie in only 14.5 games.
Then there was the Kitchen's experiment. And we added some great runners.

In comes a new GM and coaching staff. Nick Chubb, Hunt, along with an improved OL became the foundation. Stefanski and AVP then developed a run based offense with play action, motion and heavy TE use as the offense.

The offense does not feature the pass game. It uses the passing attack as a balance to a run based offense.

Now what?

I have always loved what Sean Payton did in NO with Brees. I loved that offense. They ran the ball but they used a quick strike passing attack. They had great routes and Brees was the triggerman.

IMO Baker could thrive in that offense.

Baker can throw it. IMO in Cleveland he has never been in sync with the offense. He has not developed that passing chemistry with a receiver unit.

He has not had a number one receiver. It never worked with Odell. All the other targets were just that. Targets. Not a unit passing game. Nothing like KC or NO.

So, this off season I am super curious about what Berry will do with "the passing attack?"
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#1915104 Dec 28th a 10:57 PM
by jfanent
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
It's really not hard at all. The vast majority of them I don't have the last word in. Try counting them all and get back to me.

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#1915118 Dec 29th a 12:03 AM
by archbolddawg
My guess is he doesn't count the one's that don't have his name last at that exact same time. Check back in the morning.
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#1915223 Dec 29th a 07:08 PM
by PitDAWG
Originally Posted by OldColdDawg
Vers, is that you? wink

Yes it is Coach B.
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