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#1909100 12/10/2021 12:45 AM
by jaybird
It's the "We couldn't beat the Detroit Lions" bowl tonight... Go Vikings!
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#1909397 Dec 11th a 05:07 PM
Unfortunately, as I tend to agree with Clem, the only remedy would be a two-level penalty tier. I have little confidence that refs could adequately officiate this when there is even more judgement involved. But you're right Pit, it would be just as bad if a defender could trip a WR inline to an easy TD for only a 15 yard penalty.

I've said it for years, PI is (has been) ruining the game, receivers are becoming very well-schooled at "inciting" PI. Flailing, initiating contact, slowing to create contact, etc. Reviewing these plays should give officials the ability to call a "flop" as they do in the NBA, but at that point enforcement would become very convoluted.
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#1911094 Dec 15th a 03:15 AM
by Clemdawg
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Yeah, I guess if a player can find a team that actually finds ways to use his talent it would make for a happier player.

I distinctly remember Baker feeding 13 when other routes were open. In fact, I remember being miffed at 6's seeming obsession to get him the ball early in all those games leading up to the CIN game where he ended up on IR. It's not like he wasn't provided an opportunity. I think the disconnect was threefold:

1. He was never invested enough in the playbook. He was constantly being re-aligned pre-snap, wasting precious play clock time.
2. He would improvise routes, based upon his own post-snap reads

Both the traits are killers in a precision/timing offense.

3. I think he was miscast here. Trying to feature him as a #1 was part of the problem, imo. His present skill set makes him a top-shelf #2, as we are seeing now. Double-teams on Kupp mean man coverage for 3. He can win those matchups, especially on plays designed with him as target, and Cooper as decoy.

I'm not in the camp that thinks OBJ was a cancer. I think he was 'square pegged' into this team. Dorsey hired him to take the top off defenses and hit the home run. Then Dorsey was gone. Enter an offensive design that requires players to be in a specific place at a specific time. Odell just never did that consistently. He could run good routes, an when he did, it was often money. Far too often, his improvisations took him out of the play's design, ending in plays where he was out of position or mis-timed to that position. Add to those elements his lack of time with #6 (because of injury, lack of TC/preseason reps, etc), and it's easier to understand why he and Baker never married up.

Sometimes, it's not really a matter of fault or blame. Sometimes, it just doesn't work. Chemistry is hard.


*edit* see... this is what happens when you start a post, and then get up to do other things before finishing: someone else makes some of your points for you. After hitting the 'submit' button, I looked at the post above mine. rofl
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#1909182 Dec 10th a 12:48 PM
by jfanent
Originally Posted by PortlandDawg
His need for attention after his catch cost them precious seconds.

52 had to grab the ball out of his hands to get it to the ref, who dropped it. Then Claypool walks to the line jawing at someoene. If he would have just handed the ball to the ref and ran back to the line they would have been able to run 1-2 more plays, costing ben the chance to have the biggest regular season comeback in NFL history.

I was waiting for a flag on that last play to makeup for that crap call against Fitzpatrick. I love watching the steelers lose.
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#1909146 Dec 10th a 04:45 AM
by PortlandDawg
Originally Posted by boofers20
WTF is up with Ben just chucking it up and the receivers catching it

Lamar and Ben both live off the ‘chuck it ups’ and the pass interference calls that they inevitably get called in their favor.
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#1909261 Dec 10th a 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by oobernoober
General reply/post... and fyi

Someone broke down who we should/shouldn't root for regarding the push to the playoffs.

I'm going to root for the BROWNS to BEAT THE ravens, otherwise it won't matter. (and the other things change every week anyway)
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#1909324 Dec 10th a 08:25 PM
by Clemdawg
I HATE the spot foul rule.
It cheapens the offense. Need some chunk yards fast? Just chuck it and hope for a flag. Instant field position change.

Interference- 15 yards seems sufficient. No team should ever be the recipient of a 34-yard penalty.
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#1910421 Dec 13th a 12:50 AM
by Dawgs4Life
Down goes Cincy
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#1910420 Dec 13th a 12:49 AM
by DaveyD
Thanks SF!
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#1910432 Dec 13th a 01:10 AM
by SuperBrown
We are now the first team out of the playoffs BUT only 1 game from the #4 overall seed.
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#1910500 Dec 13th a 02:23 PM
by bonefish
Kittle, Andrews, Kelce and others show how over-rated Hooper is.

He drops balls. He misses blocks. He goes down easy after the catch.

Both Njoku and Bryant have more to offer.

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#1910503 Dec 13th a 02:26 PM
by PortlandDawg
Njoku is more athletic than the three you mentioned… yet can’t hold a candle to them talent wise. He’s all hype and draft status.
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#1910568 Dec 13th a 05:30 PM
by Steubenvillian
I would go hard after Uzomah from Cincy. That guy is a stud and a rising star.
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#1910749 Dec 14th a 05:15 AM
by Clemdawg
I've already moved on.
He was never really here anyway.

It's hard to miss what you never really had.
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#1910928 Dec 14th a 07:57 PM
by WSU Willie
WSU Willie
Originally Posted by THROW LONG
The most alarming thing about the Browns and OBJ is that they cut/waived him before the 2021 season ended.

When you identify cancer than can be remove don't wait.
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#1911057 Dec 15th a 12:00 AM
by FrankZ
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
He's so much of a caner he's caught a TD pass every week for the past three weeks.

The dude did NOT want to be in Cleveland. Love him all you like he was NOT wanting to be here.

We are better without him. We don't have his poison in the locker room anymore. We still need to heal but we will come out better without him.

You can fixate on him all you like and think that somehow we were better when he was with us all you like but that is just not true. He is playing better because he wanted to be in LA from the time the Giants traded him.

But you will beat the drum ad nauseum instead of facing the reality he isn't with us, didn't want to be with us and we are better without him for the long term.
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