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#1915423 12/31/2021 8:15 PM
What happened to the Browns team that took the field at the start of the season, and held a lead against the Chiefs, in Kansas City for most of the Game?
What happened to that team, because that team, had belief, that team was soo much better than the playoff team from a couple of months before.
That team, had an offense that nobody could stop.
If the Browns take the field, in these next two games, with the Power! and Belief that the Browns had going into game one of this year, then the Browns will Win!
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#1915976 Jan 3rd a 05:56 PM
by PitDAWG

I have to agree with Hammer that you play to win the game. If you're going to sit the starters and or mail it in, you may as well just forfeit the game and admit you no longer give a damn. That's just a terrible message to send to your fan base and the actual team itself. I understand that it makes no difference as it pertains to the playoffs. I don't see how that makes any difference as it pertains to sending the message that it's okay to be a quitter. Maybe I was just raised differently. I don't know.

We will be drafting somewhere in the middle of the pack either way. It's not like we have a top 5 or ten pick. The impact on the draft will be minimal win or lose. In my world there's a difference between fighting to the bitter end and giving up.

We are playing the Steelers. This will most likely be Ben's last home game. If that doesn't make a difference to Browns fans, this season has really sucked the life out of you.
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#1916017 Jan 3rd a 09:21 PM
by PastorMarc
Win the last 2 games go 9-8 and have our first back to back winning seasons since 88-89 ... GO BROWNS!!!
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#1915443 Dec 31st a 10:18 PM
by jfanent
What happened to the Browns team that took the field at the start of the season, and held a lead against the Chiefs, in Kansas City for most of the Game?

They went to Lambeau field in week 16 and played the best team in the NFL down to the wire?
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#1915578 Jan 2nd a 08:19 AM
by OldColdDawg
And for those that want to hate, Baker was a huge part of turning this team around.
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#1915534 Jan 1st a 08:50 PM
by TTTDawg
Just an FYI, tonight on the NFL channel.....

2021 AFC wild card game.

Browns vs Steelers.....

.....from Jan. 10, 2021.

Also, Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!
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#1915561 Jan 2nd a 01:47 AM
by Hammer
Spread them out and run the ball. It is how you exploit their D.
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#1915574 Jan 2nd a 05:32 AM
by Clemdawg
Pittsburgh is a playoff game. Bengals will be a playoff game if we beat Pit ... Exciting times.

Meaningful games at the end of the season. Two years in a row.
For twenty years, Browns fans envied fans of other teams who took such a thing for granted, while this team flailed around somewhere between 3-13 and 7-9.
Oh, and lest we forget: 1-31 just before our present team was built.

I'll take this version of the Cleveland Browns over any other since The Return. I'm watching games that I actually care about. In January.

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#1915875 Jan 3rd a 01:10 AM
by Rishuz
Originally Posted by Hammer
you should go root for the raiders

I should probably do a lot of things.

When the Browns left Cleveland in 1995, I was destroyed. I was in my second year in college and although I lived in Georgia, I found a Browns backer bar that played every game. Drove 30 minutes every Sunday to watch the Browns. After they left, I gave up football until 2003. I did not follow the team when they came back. I swore off the NFL after the Browns left. I only came back because I was in Cleveland for the holidays and happened to be watching the 'run William run' game with some family. All those familiar feelings came back and haven't missed a game since.

That 8 year period from 1995 to 2003, I never had this team to bring me down. It was more blissful for sure. My Sundays were spent doing things, not watching things.

That seems appealing right now.
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#1915851 Jan 3rd a 12:33 AM
by PrplPplEater
Time to sit starters and start evaluating next year's depth. Treat tomorrow and next week like preseason games.
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#1915954 Jan 3rd a 03:33 PM
by bonefish
Talk about short sighted.

Yea sure that's the ticket. Get rid of Stefanski and dump Mayfield.

And do what? Get who to replace them?

What nonsense.

You have a magic wand I guess?

You state that at least have a plan. Come up with some far fetched bs at least.

People like you have all the answers. Not.
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#1915915 Jan 3rd a 04:20 AM
by Hammer
You play to win the game. Anyone suggesting otherwise can F-off.
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