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#1921669 01/25/2022 12:51 AM
by bonefish
Let me preface the following by saying. "I highly doubt it."

Aaron Rodgers is going to make a decision about playing. He stated that he will not be part of a rebuild.

He knows the Packers are in cap hell negative $38 mil. Davonte Adams is a UFA. He will be 30 in 2022.

Rodgers also said he is still highly competitive and knows he can play at the highest level.

Would Berry and the Browns be willing to go all in for two years to try to win a Super Bowl?

Sign them both on two year deals.

Make no mistake Rodgers should win the MVP. He is for sure one of the greatest to play quarterback.

We have a window with some key guys Chubb, Hunt, Myles, Bitonio, Teller, Ward, Jarvis (maybe). Some of the younger guys like JOK, Newsome, Wills will be around for longer maybe.

There are no quarantees in football. However, adding those two guys automatically puts the Browns in as a SB contender.

Just trying to find out opinions. A topic of conversation for this time of year and the circumstances.
I read were the odds were 5: 2. that Rodgers could come to the Browns.

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#1922027 Jan 26th a 10:01 PM
by PrplPplEater
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
That doesn't allow for whether Glazer twisted something being said in jest or in a sarcastic manner as being a serious inquiry. If you consider everything OBJ does as being in his own self interest, it seems rather odd that you don't think someone like Glazer does. In fact we know sportswriters and those in the sports media do it all of the time. You've just chosen to believe that it didn't happen this time.

OBJ bad..... Glazer good.

There's no need to account for twisting words. There's nothing to twist that you aren't yourself trying to twist.
No, you've chosen to ignore the piles of evidence and documented actions in favor of whatever hill it is you're trying to die on.
Glazer has nothing to gain by making a comment about OBJ, and actually stands to lose in that some players may think twice about saying things to him, now.
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#1922242 Jan 27th a 09:51 PM
by mgh888
Originally Posted by PitDAWG

I thought that in the end that would be all you really had to say. Every major sports magazine and media outlet had covered the story but somehow you think adding Glazer to the list would have made a difference. Well, you do you arch.

So your debating point has shifted how many times during this conversation? I lost count.
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#1922245 Jan 27th a 10:03 PM
by jfanent
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
I see you have decided to forego addressing the points I made in my past several posts. I'm not really surprised.

When you make different points in every post, it's hard to keep track. You came right out and said that Glazer reported second hand information about OBJ, and it was proven to you that he reported OBJ spoke to him directly. You were absolutely wrong, yet you continually try to change the argument so that you appear correct.

[Linked Image from]
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#1922002 Jan 26th a 08:18 PM
by PrplPplEater
Because it serves multiple purposes for him with near zero downside:

It gets him out of here and to the team of his choosing all along - L.A.
It's on record that he never wanted to be here, despite the reunion with Jarvis.
It's on record that he tried to get out the moment he got here and never stopped trying.
He knew there was zero chance of him getting traded for given his contract and his high-profile and perceived value, so he needed to get released and he knew he could absolutely never get released if he did what he can do so effortlessly.
If he caught everything that came his way like he can, and is once again showing, his value would FAR exceed any little bit of outside drama his cohorts could cook up on TweetFace, thus doubling down on him not being traded for OR being released outright.
Diminishing his value on the field by just going through the motions was his ONLY play to get where he wanted, and yes, to your point, I think his "frustration and lack of being used effectively here" completely fed into that, even though his own actions fed THAT. A snake eating its tail.

Once released, taking a one year deal gets him to the open market while riding high in an Air Raid offense all while being in glitzy, glammy Los Angeles with the paparazzi crowd he covets.

I'm not saying that this is definitely how it went down, BUT, I am saying that it would be a very hard sell to 100% convince me it wasn't.
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#1921843 Jan 25th a 09:51 PM
by OldColdDawg

If it doesn't correct, he could owe money? lmao, karma.
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#1922260 Jan 27th a 11:51 PM
by mgh888
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
I see you have decided to forego addressing the points I made in my past several posts. I'm not really surprised.

LOL. Have you ever addressed the fact that after an offseason, preseason and then throughout the year, OBJ never learned the playbook and didn't know where to line up? If you did I sure missed it.
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#1922209 Jan 27th a 08:57 PM
by archbolddawg
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
But the story was already out there.

Odell Beckham: Giants traded me to Cleveland 'to die'

Published: Aug 20, 2019 at 05:16 AM

"This wasn't no business move," he told SI. "This was personal. They thought they'd send me here to die."

This was reported on Sports Illustrated,, NBC Sports and many other major media outlets.

That probably proves my point: he didn't want to be here. He wanted yet another reporter to put it out there. The more the merrier.
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#1922540 Jan 30th a 04:13 PM
by bonefish
Regarding Jarvis.

I am a fan of Jarvis. I love the attitude he brings. He plays hard and is a great team leader.

If the Browns cut him before June 1st they save almost $15m.

He is 29. His contract is up after this year.

Money doesn't talk. It screams.

I don't think will keep him. He would have to take way less. I do not see him doing that.
Jarvis could go out and get his money on a one or two year deal.

Berry can use that money to get someone like Chris Godwin. He will be 26 in Feb.

That is the business of football. Younger, cheaper with the potential of a higher return in production.

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#1922543 Jan 30th a 04:35 PM
by Hammer
2 of: Mike Williams, Braxton Berrios, DJ Chark, por favor.
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#1925015 Feb 14th a 01:45 AM
by Swish

watching the SB right now just made me remember how dumb it was to let sheldon richardson go. wish we can get him back.
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