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#1924881 02/13/2022 3:07 PM
by bonefish
March 16th is the beginning of Free Agency.

The Draft begins April 28th.

I am interested if anyone believes there will be any shockers in Trades, Free Agency, or the Draft from the Browns?

This would sure qualify as a shocker:

The Browns trade Baker Mayfield to Seattle for Russell Wilson. The cost is Baker and two first rounders 2022, and 2023.

All of the other potential quarterbacks in free agency, trade, or the draft. Just don't measure up with the risk and true value. Carr, Garoppolo, Trubisky, Watson, Rodgers, or, any qb in the draft.

Wilson is an indisputable upgrade over Baker. Wilson on the Browns makes the Browns a Super Bowl contender now.

Wilson was 33 in November. He has at least five years of high level play in him. He takes great care of himself. He is a very disciplined guy.
The Browns could upgrade the receivers in free agency and with a second rounder.

The time is now. We have a core of players who are in their prime now. Wilson gives the Browns a chance to strike right now.

I have no idea if it will happen but it would be a shocker.

Any others? Does anyone agree?

Just a topic because it is real slow after today.
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#1925233 Feb 15th a 03:44 PM
by PrplPplEater
Originally Posted by Swish
Originally Posted by eotab
Baker will get back to 100% good health and soon be the QB he has shown to be and can grow as we are showing stability - I see a great QB in our midst and all this talk about going all in etc, etc..yeah go all in and get some stud to catch some balls. Stafford without Kupp would not have won that game last night. Where is our Kupp? Go all in...I'm for it. Defenses win Championships!!


if baker is the guy we need a big body WR. do we get that in the draft or FA?

If ANY QB is the guy, we need to get a LOT better at WR.

Name me one defense that would be worried about Landry, DPJ, and Schwartz as the top receivers? I really can't think of one. Schwartz hasn't even truly earned his roster spot, yet... he was here purely because of his investment and future potential and the hope that he could do special teams stuff, not because of anything he had really earned. Landry is great, but he's hitting the point where he isn't what he was. I don't know how much is injuries and how much is something else, but he hasn't been himself the last season and a half. DPJ is a flash in the pan. Like sprinkling water in a hot skillet; sizzles once every so often for about a second or two, then is gone from sight. He's not a #1 by any means.
So, we have two #2's (at best) and a #3 that should probably be a #6.

I don't care who our QB is.... they need better than this at their disposal.
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#1925092 Feb 14th a 02:39 PM
by Dave
Originally Posted by YTownBrownsFan
Just as important, does Wilson have a trade restriction in his contract, and how much would he demand in order to waive it. (Not to mention that he might not want to come here anyway)

He has a no-trade clause for 2 more years.

Previously, Wilson reportedly said there were 3 teams he would waive the clause for: the Broncos, Giants, or Saints.

(The Saints might be off his list now that Payton has departed.)
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#1925221 Feb 15th a 02:15 PM
by mgh888
What we do with Jarvis will really make an impact. Without Jarvis I could see a 1st round WR and a high caliber FA signing.

There are 2 or 3 top tier WR's in FA - and at least 4 viable WR's to draft. And DPJ is hopefully going to keep progressing. DPJ on the outside as the #2 - another bigger #1 on the opposite side, and Jarvis or Jarvis's replacement in the slot.
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#1925260 Feb 15th a 06:49 PM
by dawg66
Keep Baker Mayfield
Cut Case Keenum
Sign Free agent Mitch Trubiski - Someone that can win games in the NFL if Baker gets hurt again.

Keenum is 2-0 when filling in for Baker.
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#1925395 Feb 17th a 03:10 PM
by bonefish
Williams will miss half a year at least.

I am super high on London. Burks is the guy with the biggest upside though.

Wilson is solid. He does a lot of things at a high level.
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