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by cfrs15
Giant human.

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by MemphisBrownie
If SuperBrown hates it, we're good.
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by guard dawg
guard dawg
A really detailed article about Alex Wright on the OBR.

I'm intrigued.
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by 10YrOvernightSuccess
Kid is going to have to get on Garrett’s “we’re here to <clap> PUMP YOU UP!” gym program. 15 reps is 6 more than what I do, a puny 6’1” 200lb 50yr old.
Definitely has the size, just not the power yet. Pretty clear to me that they’re thinking a bloomer in 2-3 years?
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by Milk Man
Milk Man

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by Jester
I'm hoping for Khalil Shakir at #99
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by bonefish
IMO Andrew Berry is one of the best GM's in football.

No GM will get it all right. Impossible. Berry has a scouting and analytics background. His decisions have been well thought out and logical.

The amount of work and time that goes into a GM's job is massive. It involves the eyes and minds of many.

Some of the comments on here are hysterical. A person reads a scouting report and watches a five minute highlight film and they are an expert.

Phd's from Doctor Google. And they know more than Berry. Please.

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by SuperBrown
Originally Posted by bbrowns32
Originally Posted by SuperBrown
Is Ray Farmer still drafting for us?

Hush your mouth,

I take it back since Berry redeemed himself by taking Winfrey.
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Milk beat me to it by like 10 seconds

You sux, Milk.
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by bbrowns32
Originally Posted by SuperBrown
Is Ray Farmer still drafting for us?

Hush your mouth,
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by FL_Dawg
Unfortunately that's the difference in talent you get from 44 to 78 ... hopefully we can coach him up and he becomes a good player for us in a couple of seasons.
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by Bull_Dawg
Originally Posted by Versatile Dog
Originally Posted by dawg66
My concern with this pick is that he put up all his sacks against small schools like Texas-San Antonio, Florida Atlantic and Old Dominion. I read in one of the draft write ups on him that when UAB played Georgia that their TEs were able to block him one on one.

That's good information to consider provided it's accurate. I have reason to believe that you would not fabricate such a thing. I'll be watching him at the point of attack closely.

They didn't have the TE's block him one on one very much. Here's the full game:

Alex (#16) had a couple decent plays but nothing to write home about. Jamaree Salyer planted Wright pretty good once early, but he didn't look out of place after that. The UAB secondary got toasted early and often. Definitely not his best tape, but Georgia steamrolled the UAB team early. The Bulldogs out athleted the secondary and were chucking it deep to wide open receivers first few drives. Not much time to get into a rythm on one and two play drives. Gave up 3 TDs of over 60 yds.

Wright was able to push the Georgia TE (#19) 2 yards into the backfield when single blocked. When "handled" one on one, it's hard to know his responsibility. They ran inside him a couple times when it looked like he was setting the outside edge against the TE. He wasn't getting knocked back by them or anything.
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