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#1956445 07/13/2022 1:20 PM
by bonefish
Obviously the big decision is still pending.

Given that so far the Browns have remained pat on the receiver room. This is who is on the roster:

Cooper, DPJ, Schwartz, Bell, JaMarcus Bradley, Jakeem Grant, Mike Harley, Travell Harris, Isaiah Weston, Javon Wims, Michael Woods.

After Grant I know very little about the others. The first four make the team in all likelihood.

Grant makes the team for sure in ST. There could be plays for him as a receiver. Jet sweeps, reverses etc.

The Browns have held on to Bradley for a couple years now so they like him. Wims played three years for the Bears. He did very little.

Woods and Weston are prospects they want to look at.

At first glance it is not a receiver room that knocks you out. Cooper is a good player with experience. DPJ has shown consistent growth. I thought he would have had a very good year last year but qb play was poor.

Schwartz we just don't know. The staff likes him and expects him to contribute.

Bell looks to have been a good draft pick. The hope is for him to be a replacement for Jarvis.

Berry thinks enough of the group to not have brought in another veteran guy. It could still happen but I doubt it.

Schwartz and Bell need at least to be average.

Maybe one of the FA can show something.

I think we will be ok because we will throw to the TE's and backs. Bell could be very good.
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#1956460 Jul 13th a 02:57 PM
by bonefish
I agree about Njoku. They paid him. They expect him to play a big role. Bryant catches the ball and he will get targets.

IMO Hunt will catch a bunch of balls. In fact I believe his total yards will be more than Chubb. Nick however will gain more rushing yards.

With this team I believe you have to look at the offense as a whole. The receivers do not need to be the best in football.

We run the ball. We have a good OL. We will use the TE's and backs. It is about being efficient and not predictable.

Yards per play is important because our backs are really good. Byrant and Njoku are both receiver type TE's.

I like DPJ. He had a great camp last year. He looked like he would have a great year. It didn't happen because qb play. I expect him to be good.

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#1956596 Jul 13th a 11:54 PM
by PrplPplEater
We've never had one of the best WR corps in the league.

We HAVE had plenty of pre-season hype where we fans on here imagined we would based on what we thought we had on paper as we grossly over-estimated what each receiver would do for us, but at no time did it ever even come close to materializing on the field.
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#1957109 Jul 17th a 04:14 PM
by PitDAWG
We've seen your posts too.
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#1957342 Jul 18th a 06:16 PM
by WSU Willie
WSU Willie
Originally Posted by Versatile Dog
FYI: It was the Baker fan club that introduced Baker into this thread.

Does jfanet know he's in the Baker fan club? Or did you just tell another un-truth?
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#1956455 Jul 13th a 02:27 PM
by Versatile Dog
Versatile Dog
I would say we could. I'm just not sure how much time he will get. I could be dead wrong about Njoku being our #2 target. It's just a feeling I have given the contract we gave him, his athleticism, Stefanski's use of TEs, and Watson's prior success w/TEs.
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#1956513 Jul 13th a 05:40 PM
by mgh888
Originally Posted by WSU Willie
Originally Posted by Versatile Dog
I see a WR group that can go from 'probably ok' to super questionable really quickly.

I think our WR unit is below average right now. That sucks, because a couple of years ago, we had one of the best units in the entire league...

One of the best WR units in the entire league? Who were the receivers and 'couple of years' would be 2019 or 2020.

Here's the 2019 roster:

Here's the 2020 roster:

Best in the entire league? Really.

You know why that statement was made right?
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#1956511 Jul 13th a 05:25 PM
by bonefish
Since Njoku was a Brown. I have always thought he should be a red zone nightmare.

He is tall with long arms. He can really jump. He is a much improved overall player since he learned to block. This year it is his time to shine.

He can post up on the goal line with a slant. He should be deadly in the back of the endzone.

We have all been waiting for the Chief to breakout. Fingers crossed.
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#1956772 Jul 15th a 01:33 PM
by oobernoober
Ooooooh. Thanks for the clarification. So not, 'Captain Obvious'... just incorrect.

Nobody bats 1.00
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#1957200 Jul 17th a 10:33 PM
by lampdogg
Lol, wasn’t I. It’s just ridiculous that people use threads to throw in their piece about Baker OR DW when they have nothing to do with the discussion.
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#1957094 Jul 17th a 03:00 PM
by Rishuz
--Baker Mayfield is a bad QB by whatever measurement you want to use - stats, eye test, "clutch-ness", video review - and on and on.

--He performs best when he is an underdog with no expectations (rookie year, 2020 after bad 2019). As soon as expectations exist - 2019, 2021 - he folds.

--I believe the reason for this is he doesn't work hard on his craft. Moxie and confidence are great for quarters one through three. But the NFL is the ultimate chess game and it's about who is the most prepared mentally at the end. You saw the same thing in the college football playoffs against Georgia. With the game on the line, he folded.

--It would not surprise me if he lost the QB competition with Darnold since he is expected to win it. Again, he doesn't do well with expectations.

--It would not surprise me if he is out of the league next year.

--It would surprise me if he resurrects his career.

--If the Browns were ever down in a game, it was game over. There were no comebacks. If the Browns had a big lead, it always came down to a nail biter. Baker couldn't lead comebacks and couldn't sustain leads.

--I don't believe there would be much difference record-wise between Baker and Brissett. So if Brissett has to start all year, I think you're getting the same end result if Baker were here (mediocre record and no playoffs).

--If you watch enough football, and not just Browns games, you can tell if a QB is good but is being held back by the talent around him, is bad and is holding back the talent around him, or is elevating the talent around him. Baker was clearly the weak link of the offense.

--Baker singlehandedly gave TJ Watt defensive player of the year. I think Stefanski had enough of his attitude/personality and said I'm going to force you to make quick reads and quick decisions. Those plays are there. If you don't, it's on you. We all saw the result.

--OBJ was open nearly all game every game and he couldn't get him the ball. OBJ leaves Cleveland, receives a ton of support from his former teammates, and goes on to win a Super Bowl as a key contributor on the Rams. And we still have people supporting Baker in the Baker vs. OBJ saga. This place feels like bizarro world.

--Baker is a bad QB. I'm surprised that this is even a debate at this point.

--Baker is a bad QB. He had to pay another team to give him a shot. Think about that for a second. Out of 32 teams, he had one team HALF interested and had to pay them for the privilege. And there are still people here who think he is good.

--This place is nuts.
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