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#1694991 - 11/15/19 06:30 PM Myles Garrett 2
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OK once again the NFL jumps all over the steelers jock. So sickening that I really want to puke. What Myles did was 110 percent wrong. I am not making one single excuse for what he did. It was wrong no question about it. Yes I am going to add a huge BUT. Rudolph started the mess, and kept it going and instigated it. Was there a penalty for him grabbing Myles helmet and twisting and ripping at it...... or for kicking him either i the stomach or groin Oh hell NO he is a Steeler he is allowed to abuse Cleveland Players. It has happened for years while Cleveland was forced to sit back and take it. Well guess what the NFL still wants Cleveland to sit back and take it up the back side. It's nothing new it has been going on for years. Myles should be suspended for 2 to 4 games, but the NFL wants to bury him and Cleveland. Rudolph should also be suspended for at least half the time that Myles is. Anything less is just a huge middle finger to Cleveland and Browns fans.
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I cannot disagree with you. I think it was the dumbest thing a player could do. Makes no sense that he did that. we are talking about a player that has never had a brush with the law. Never been suspended. No Drugs, No Booze... Nothing.

Still the penalties, I get it.. He deserves it. $200k fine. 3 game suspension.. Anger management training...I'm good with that. Short leash.. he does it again, he's gone for the year.

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