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Yea, well after playing in TWO consecutive AFC Championship games & ONE Super Bowl this not making the playoffs is an odd feeling for Bengals fans. Now for you Cleveland fans that feeling is normal, you never do any of those things. ;-)

I know this isn't the case, which is what makes it weird... but you sound like 3/4 of the Bengals fans that I know that have only just started following the team in the past 3 years.

It's been fairweather like that for as long as I have lived down here. When I was at Xavier from '01 to '05 (where my name comes from), I think I saw more Browns games than Bengals games my freshman and sophomore year because of all the blackouts.

When Marvin Lewis first showed up, it was "WhO dEy! BeNgAlS fAn FoR lIfE!!!!" After they shot themselves in the foot in the '15 playoffs, they sunk back into silence and obscurity until 2021.

Edit - I actually had a good chuckle out of this. I checked Medmann's posts, and his posting pattern pretty much proves what I just wrote above.

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