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Re: I hate to ask, but... FrankZ 06/15/24 04:17 AM
PM sent
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Re: Our Church Clemdawg 06/15/24 03:06 AM
You should not have to be dealing with something like this. At all.

It's awful that a group of people are being subjected to terrorism like this.
It's abhorrent, and the person doing this deserves the strictest punishment allowable.

From the way you've described the timeline and your conversation w/Pastor, this thing sounds personal. Even so, when hate mail of this sort is sent, a threat to one is a threat to all. I'm certain that the pool of potential suspects is pretty shallow, and that this person is snatched up off the streets quickly. A mind that would choose to do something like this is best kept away from good people.

Sorry you're dealing with this.

Plz keep us up to date.
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Re: How Negro Leagues stats change MLB record books: Jackie Robinson and more notable names get updated numbers Bull_Dawg 06/14/24 11:14 PM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Are you trying to say that there wasn't segregation in MLB or are you saying that the same claim about....
Making that history "go away"/"changing it" post hoc makes one not have to deal with that.
.... isn't one that's being made to this day?

No, I'm obviously (at least to anyone without an agenda) not saying that there wasn't segregation. I am saying that you are effectively trying to make history go away right now. If you want to put the numbers side by side at the Baseball HoF, go for it. Putting them all together in the MLB record book is figuratively and literally re-writing history. If you want to make an American Baseball record book, go ahead and combine them. Putting people they wouldn't let play in the league in the league's record book pretty much is "cultural appropriation" and "whitewashing" what actually happened.
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Re: Alone bonefish 06/14/24 10:45 PM
"Cubby" stuck himself with an arrow. The more I thought about that I wonder how in the hell that happened. The arrow was pointing like the tip came up from the ground to stick him in the groin.

Quivers protect arrowheads. He must have had an arrow out and somehow fell on it. Odd. He handled himself well given the circumstances.

I have been with guys who have buried and hook barb into themselves. Had to go to an emergency clinic.

In that situation considering where he was stuck. He is lucky he did not sever his femoral artery. He could have bled out.
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Re: Cargill vs Garland FrankZ 06/14/24 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Originally Posted by FrankZ
Originally Posted by PitDAWG

I get what you're saying but making it legal to do so is another matter all together.

This may well be the stupidest argument you have ever made, which is impressive.

Says someone making the most stupid argument ever. See how easy that is? Of course it is the easiest road to travel when they avoid admitting that a fully automatic pistol isn't a machine. Which would mean that all fully automatic weapons aren't machine guns. But keep dancing. nanner

You want someone to make it illegal to hold a in a way you could bump fire it. I mean, seriously? You can't see the utter stupidity in the mere mention of the idea?

I have a bridge you might want to buy.
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Re: Christian Nationalism Bull_Dawg 06/14/24 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by PerfectSpiral
Originally Posted by Bull_Dawg
Originally Posted by PerfectSpiral
Warning Signs of a Cult
1. The leader is always right.
2. Criticism of the leader or questioning the leader is considered persecution.
3. Anything the leader does is justified no matter how harmful it may be.
4. The leader is the only source of the truth, everybody else is lying.
5. Followers must be blindly devoted to the leader and never question him.
6. The members won't recognize they belong to a cult.

Hmmmmm, wonder if we could get rid of the parties on the grounds that they've effectively become organized religions.

Nope but the cult party could and should.

Warning Sign No. 6 is in full effect I see. thumbsup
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Re: Hamas says it has agreed to ceasefire proposal from Egypt and Qatar PerfectSpiral 06/14/24 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
I have no idea who wrote that opinion piece you posted but they don't even have the figure right. As a matter of fact it's WAY off. The figure that is coming out of Gaza is over 37k. I too don't think you can count that number as accurate but you seriously need to find a source that reflects the number accurately. At least the first part of the headline is correct.... "You're Being Misled"

Here is what the Gaza run health ministry claims.....

37,202 people killed

At least 37,202 people killed and 84,932 wounded in Israel's war on Gaza since October 7.1 day ago

So now your claim is also that the brains of children in Gaza develop faster than anywhere else in the world so 12 and 13 year olds should be held accountable as adults? Interesting concept.

I’m not claiming diddly. But go ahead and vilify me. I don’t care about “your.. must be right at everything and have the last word on it.” Attitude….

It’s a known fact Hamas is using teenagers as combatants. And those combatants are counted as children casualties. Get over yourself.

And if you had read the article. You would have known it was written by By Brad Sherman
U.S. Representative, California’s 32nd district.

Also the GAZA health ministry is run by Gaza authorities. Hamas is the governing faction of GAZA. Believing terrorists can be deadly.
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Re: Water Heater Question bonefish 06/14/24 05:56 PM
I called a plumber.

The plumbing pipes are all copper and are 40 years old. Life expectancy for copper is like 50 years. I have had a number of pin leaks. Replacing the pipe is bad enough fixing sheetrock with sanding and painting etc. is a royal pain.

I have been a home owner for many years. I used to do all the repairs. I have given that up.
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Re: Fantasy Football League Frenchy 06/14/24 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by Bull_Dawg
...Do I have to keep two? I kid. But, my team was a mess by the end of the season.

No you do not. You can keep 2, 1, or none. Just keep in mind, keep 1 you lose your 1st round pick, 2 both 1st and 2nd picks, and start drafting in the 3rd. Keep none you pick like normal
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Re: Player News Continued..... PitDAWG 06/14/24 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by bugs
I don't think people are lowering the bar. The bar guidelines differ between fans.

You are correct. Some fans believe if he plays below the level of what he's being compensated for and the draft capital given up that's just fine.

As you yourself stated.....
It's the going rate for a Superbowl QB.

Some expect him to play to that level and some don't. That sounds a lot like some are lowering the bar to me.
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Re: Browns News Continued.... PitDAWG 06/14/24 03:30 PM
Hopefully all of those things will translate well come game days.
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Re: Supreme Court preserves access to widely used abortion pill, rejecting challenge PitDAWG 06/14/24 02:51 PM
Actually all they ruled was that the wrong party brought the case.
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Re: The Economy Part 2 superbowldogg 06/14/24 02:03 AM

Inflation slowed in May, hinting at welcome relief for consumers


Inflation cooled more than expected in May, new data showed Wednesday, delivering a welcome piece of news just hours before the Federal Reserve is set to make its latest announcement on interest rates.

Consumer prices rose 3.3% from a year earlier, slowing from April’s 3.4% rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest Consumer Price Index report released Wednesday.

On a monthly basis, prices held flat for the first time since July 2022. Falling gas prices kept inflation in check following a 0.3% gain in April.
“This is the best news we could’ve gotten this morning,” Philip T. Powell, executive director of the Indiana Business Research Center and clinical associate professor at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, told CNN. “The Federal Reserve has been watching to make sure this [monthly] number came in below 0.2%.”

“If it did, that means inflation is going to come down, which means [the Fed] could lower interest rates,” he added.

Economists were expecting a 0.1% monthly increase and an annual gain of 3.4%, according to FactSet consensus estimates.

Helping to slow inflation in May were falling gas prices, which dropped 3.6% from April. They’re still up 2.2% for the year. Grocery prices were flat and overall food prices went up by 0.1%, lifted by a slight acceleration in inflation at the restaurant level.

Car insurance and transportation prices fall, but housing inflation is stuck running high
Excluding gas and food, categories that tend to be volatile, the closely watched “core” measure rose just 0.2% for the month (its slowest pace since October of last year), and its annual rate dropped to 3.4%, setting a fresh three-year low.

“Adding to the good inflation news, core services inflation (excludes energy services) printed its mildest monthly increase since September 2021,” Kathy Bostjancic, Nationwide’s chief economist, wrote in a note issued Wednesday. “This is significant since core services inflation has been very sticky and the key reason overall inflation has not cooled more quickly.”

However, shelter inflation more than offset the decline in gasoline, rising 0.4% for the fourth month in a row, underscoring the pressure Americans are feeling from housing-related expenses. On an annual basis, shelter inflation slowed a tenth of a percentage point to 5.4%, which is its lowest rate since April 2022. However, in addition to outpacing overall inflation, the cost of shelter is running above its pre-pandemic average and the 3.3% rate in February 2020.

The shelter index, an abstruse measurement of housing costs, has been the thorn in the side of the Fed’s desire to see overall inflation return to target. (That target, by the way, is based on a separate inflation gauge, the Personal Consumption Expenditures price index, which stayed pat at 2.7% in April.)

Shelter’s heavily weighted in the CPI, and while it doesn’t fully reflect some of the slowdown seen in market-rate rents, its persistently high readings certainly do speak to the pain Americans are feeling in their biggest monthly expense.

“The one thing that sticks out in these numbers is the continued struggle with housing affordability,” Indiana University’s Powell said. “There is so much pent-up demand out there for housing, it’s not going to go away.”

Transportation services prices fell for the first time since the fall of 2021, dropping 0.5% for the month. And motor vehicle insurance prices ticked down by 0.1%, a sharp contrast from the spikes seen during the past two months.

Still, those costs continue to run hot for consumers, with transportation services prices up 10.5% from a year ago and car insurance up 20.3%.

“The big and important things that households spend their money on — food, transportation and shelter — there’s not been a lot of relief there,” Sean Snaith, University of Central Florida economist, told CNN.

Soft CPI boosts chances for Fed cuts
The CPI, which tracks average change in prices for a basket of goods and services common to consumers, is the most widely cited inflation metric.

But on Wednesday, it was merely the opening act.

The report landed just hours before the Fed was scheduled to wrap up its policymaking meeting, deliver its latest economic projections, and announce the next steps for interest rates.

Federal Reserve officials' meeting kicks off on Tuesday. They're widely expected to keep interest rates at current levels as inflation continues to rage on.

Although the softer CPI likely will be welcomed by central bankers, economists say it won’t be enough to move the needle on interest rates, which are overwhelmingly expected to hold steady Wednesday (markets are seeing a mere 0.1% probability of a June cut).

“Logically, then, today’s news would seem to open the door to a July rate cut, although we still think that’s very unlikely given hawkish rhetoric from the Fed recently,” Preston Caldwell, chief US economist at Morningstar, wrote Wednesday. “But rate cuts starting by September should now be cemented as overwhelmingly likely.”

Traders seem to agree: The latest projections from the CME FedWatch Tool had the likelihood of a September rate cut at nearly 63% on Wednesday morning, jumping from 46.8% Tuesday.

The Fed on Wednesday is expected to tip its hand some with the release of the latest Summary of Economic Projections (SEP). The quarterly publication includes the central bankers’ forecasts for key economic indicators such as inflation, GDP growth and unemployment as well as the “dot plot,” a chart of their expectations for interest rates.

When the Fed released its prior SEP back in March, it showed the possibility of three cuts penciled in for the remainder of the year.

Economists expect that number to drop, given that there are fewer months left on that runway and still fairly strong economic data touching down (be it the hotter-than-expected inflation reports to start the year or the stronger-than-expected job gains).

“The CPI report for May came in a bit better than we dared hope for given the string of disappointing readings to start the year,” Scott Anderson, chief US economist for BMO Bank, wrote in a note Wednesday. “If sustained, it will keep Fed rate-cut expectations that we have penciled in for September and December alive and well. Restrictive monetary policy has more work to do, and the Fed will remain patient and watchful.”
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Re: Cleveland Guardians Pdawg 06/14/24 01:41 AM
I think he did too. I was begging him to take him out after the De La Cruz strikeout
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Re: What can we expect from DW? PitDAWG 06/13/24 08:32 PM
He'll either perform to the level that justifies the draft picks and contract he is being paid or he won't. All the excuses and rationalizations to the contrary won't change that.
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Re: cognitive decline dawglover05 06/13/24 08:32 PM
That definitely had me chuckling.
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Re: Build That Wall or Elect Someone Who Will... pt 39 PitDAWG 06/13/24 07:54 PM
So claiming Biden is closing the border when thousands will be allowed to cross the border every day has meaning but asking whose responsibility and job is actually is to write the laws to change our immigration system is childish and has no meaning? notallthere

This is why it's impossible to have a meaningful discussion with people like yourself.

Because it's not the president's job to transform immigration. Because you can't continue to use something like title 42 which is a Health emergency measure that is the ONLY reason trump had the ability to use such extreme measures during covid . Once that healthcare emergency has passed they are no longer viable. But you keep skipping that and refusing to address it. Many of the measures trump used on immigration would not ever have been allowed if not for title 42.

What not only the 70 cases that were overturned as well as the case the SCOTUS overturned was because even with Covid emergency measures given to trump he tried to dictate immigration law by executive powers which is outside the authority of the president. But I suppose your excuse is as good as any to mask the fact he had no idea what the law allowed him to do and what it didn't. Kind of sounds like the excuse we see today.... "He was willing to do things he isn't allowed to do and that shows what a dedicated man he is!" Read that back slowly to yourself a few times if you think it will help.

Now, if I'm going to play 20 questions with you, you can do the same. And stop pretending your questions have meaning while mine don't as an excuse to dodge them.

Why are you not instead of blaming a president who can neither write immigration law nor has the power to fund it responsible for not doing the job congress has been appointed to do which is write our laws?

You seem to admit our immigration system is broken but blame Biden instead of congress who is the only government body with the power to write immigration laws that can fix it?

Stop pretending those aren't important questions and man up.
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Re: Music Video Thread #3471 bonefish 06/13/24 07:48 PM

I always loved this song.
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Re: QB purgatory: Path for Giants, Browns and five other teams to change their fate at NFL's most crucial position PitDAWG 06/13/24 03:11 PM
It seems as though the Browns agreed that a Dilfer level QB wouldn't do the job or they wouldn't have given up all that draft capital and a 230 mil. guaranteed contract to get watson. But keep up the good, or not so good fight as the case may be. Any time someone pays for a Porsche and ends up with a Kia they aren't happy and that Kia will never perform like a Porsche. The only question left to answer is did they get the Porsche they paid for or not.
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Re: Health update PitDAWG 06/13/24 03:07 PM
I'm always by your side in spirit my friend. God knows you've been through hell while still maintaining your fighting spirit. That's what's kept you going this far and I'm sure that's what will continue to keep you going.
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Re: Cuckoo Dems-Part 6 PitDAWG 06/13/24 02:58 PM
So congress can find the AG in contempt for not turning over an audio tape of something they already have a full transcript of yet can't seem to get the goods on "The Biden Crime Family". They've been trying to find something to impeach Biden for since he took office and came up with nada and this is the tripe you're peddling?
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Re: Workshop Renovation Ideas? YTownBrownsFan 06/13/24 01:01 PM
I hope you get some relief soon. I didn't sleep much at all following my shoulder surgery. It sucks.

I have been thinking about the idea for a prosthetic type finger end. It turns out that there are companies that offer these, and some appear to be covered by insurance.
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Re: Sinclair Broadcasting Lies OldColdDawg 06/12/24 11:47 PM
Every presidential election year this seems to come up, but nobody does a damn thing to shut them down. Sinclair is straight trash.
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Re: Hunter Biden fed Gun Case part uno Damanshot 06/12/24 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by Ballpeen
Originally Posted by Damanshot
Already, Speaker Johnson came out and said that there was overwhelming evidence that Hunter Biden was guilty so it stand to reason he'd be convicted.

Then the damn fool went on to say that wasn't the case in the Trump Hush Money case (why do they call it that, it's really the election tampering case, oh well)

They buried Trump in a mountain of evidence and a jury, picked in part by the Defense, found him guilty on 34 counts. Why is a man that claims to be christian but then goes out and lies about trump and this case as well as others.

He claims to be a christian while the fool he supports actively spreads hate.

Something a miss in his mind.

The difference is Hunter's case was pretty cut and dried. Not a lot of wiggle room.

With the President, there was some wiggle room and everything about the case seemed stacked against him. I am not saying anything against the verdict, but there seems to be a case on appeal. With Hunter, I don't see any way out of that.

Either way or what side you are on, it's a sorry state we find ourselves.

They both came back after reviewing the evidence and decided both of these people were guilty.. Biden of 3 counts, Trump of 34.

The only difference here is that Democrats are willing to hold Biden's feet to the fire. Republicans are only interested in finding something wrong with the case against Trump. They are just plain silly with all the efforts to discredit the judge, the Jury and the Judges daughter and the clerk. Hell, the Republicans are going after former speakers in their own party.

Both will appeal, and it's just my opinion, but both with lose those appeals. My guess is Biden will spend time in the clink, Trump will escape the clink.

Neither should. Both are guilty.

It's not a sorry state as you put it, it's exactly how this is supposed to work without regard to status.
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Re: Trump nears judgement day. PitDAWG 06/12/24 09:10 PM
Did Trump Just Accidentally Admit to Another Felony?

Donald Trump may have just implicated himself in another crime in his probation interview.

Weeks after he was convicted of 34 felony counts in his hush-money trial, Donald Trump confessed to having a gun—which would be illegal with his felony conviction.

New York City Department of Probation officials questioned the convicted felon and Republican presidential nominee Tuesday in a presentencing interview, and part of the discussion concerned a gun registered to him in the state. Under federal law, convicted felons are not allowed to have guns or ammunition.

A city official told CNN that Trump mentioned a gun of his in Florida, possibly one of the three firearms listed on his New York City concealed weapons permit.

Trump turned over two of his three licensed guns to the New York Police Department on March 31, 2023, before he was arrested for paying hush money to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The third gun was supposed to be “lawfully moved to Florida.” Palm Beach police told CNN that they weren’t aware of any gun Trump owned and that he hadn’t submitted one to them since his felony conviction.

After his 2023 hush-money arrest, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office suspended Trump’s gun license, and with his conviction, his license will be revoked, city police told CNN. A New York official said the information on the third gun “will be referred to local authorities in Florida to take whatever steps are necessary.”

It’s ironic that Trump may be in trouble for illegally having a gun weeks after his conviction at the same time that President Biden’s son, Hunter, was convicted on federal gun charges. But Trump doesn’t like to give the authorities what he believes is his property, even when the law says otherwise. Just look at the classified documents he tried to hoard at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He might be storing his gun not too far away.
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