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Re: CAVS/NBA leadtheway 02/24/24 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by YTownBrownsFan
Do you watch the games? Just asking.

Tonight they ..... Can't make shots. Can't rebound. Can't shoot the 3. Can't shoot free throws. It's not Garland and Mobley alone. It's everyone.

yeah i do, and I watch ALOT of basketball. Theres a reason all those things happened.. the ball has energy, when you have someone who can get the team rolling, stuff starts to happen. thats what we have with mitchell, its what we don't have with our other high picks.. theres a reason why as soon as garland and mobley came back it started to go to tank Garland turns the ball over and is a turnstile on defense.. Mobley can't get out of his own way and now fancies himself a perimiter player, but when inside he clogs everything up for allen who fell off a cliff after mobley got back.. its either a player problem or a coach that can't figure out who should play when. But this is not a good team without mitchell, and they will run him into the ground just to stay in the playoff race and we get there and will lose again. Altman should def. be fired
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Re: Using AI to Stop Gun Violence BuckDawg1946 02/24/24 03:48 AM
Gun toting Americans won’t tell you this, but there is no immediate limit to dead children in schools.

2nd amendment is antiquated.
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Re: Build That Wall or Elect Someone Who Will BuckDawg1946 02/24/24 03:46 AM
Republicans claiming they freed the slaves, is the definition of white washing and hypocrisy, I’ll make it simple.

The same people that fought for the south, that fought for segregation, are the same people that have 100 tUSA, and Maga flags in their front yard.
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Re: In unprecedented decision, Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled frozen embryos are children. It could have chilling effects on IVF, critics say BuckDawg1946 02/24/24 03:41 AM
It appears nothing has changed.
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Re: Political Jokes Pt. 3 FATE 02/24/24 02:55 AM
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Re: Republicans Are At It Again EveDawg 02/23/24 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by Damanshot
Originally Posted by EveDawg
jc Libtards let 7.2 million unvaccinated disease-ridden illegals into the country and now they're complaining about measles. You get what you deserve.

Again, WAKE UP... The GOP house had the chance to put the most comprehensive border protections in place and refused.. So don't you DARE blame it on Democrats.

LMAO Who has been in charge the last 3 years? Who has made 335 executive orders inviting illegal in? You have only yourself to blame. No wait, THIS COUNTRY has only DEMOCRATS to blame.
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Re: Player News Continued MemphisBrownie 02/23/24 10:58 PM
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Re: Eotab... lampdogg 02/23/24 10:23 PM
Nice post deisel. Like I once said at a funeral when someone quietly remarked that there weren’t many people there. “The only ones who matter are the ones who showed up.”
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Re: Republican Witess Lies About Millions Going to Joe Biden PerfectSpiral 02/23/24 09:30 PM
Another potential pardon for trump to mull over.
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Re: Browns News Continued.... FATE 02/23/24 08:00 PM
[Linked Image from]
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Re: Hexclad OldColdDawg 02/23/24 07:53 PM
I’m not sure what you are looking for exactly, but I have to tell you about some cheap nonstick I bought on Amazon just to try, and it’s been the best non stick I’ve ever owned. And I’ve had high dollar stainless, expensive non-stick, enameled cast iron, and straight cast iron. Yet. This cheap set has been crazy good for almost two years now. I paid $149.00 for the set and would buy it again tomorrow. But I just looked and it has a $60 off coupon on amazon right now.

And IMO the best home chef cookware on the market right now is MADE IN COOKWARE. Just FYI.

EDIT: Sorry, I wanted to tell you about that cheap non-stick and never actually read that you already bought the hexclad. I’ve seen it too and wondered how good it is. Please let me know here or in a PM after you’ve used it a bit. Cooking is a hobby thing for me. I’ve become a very good cook over the years learning a little here and there. And crap pans are the worst.
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Re: Cuckoo Democrats And What They Have Become Pt 4 OldColdDawg 02/23/24 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by FATE
Originally Posted by jfanent
The other day, I saw on ESPN where Sheryl Swoopes made some derogatory and false comments directed at Caitlin Clark. I tried to Google up the story and couldn't find anything, even though the story made headlines on just about every sports media outlet. Today, I did the same thing and it's loaded with links to articles about Swoopes apologizing.

Well, now you're a conspiracy theorist, Jfan. naughtydevil

I've been doing the same since COVID. It is insane. That's the first thing that crossed my mind as soon as I read Eve's post. It's not only omission, but also deletion, at least from the top of the results. There are times when I'm pages into results before I have to step back and figure out a way to trick it into results. One of the best tools to get to the bottom of that is to manipulate the dates under the "custom" option.

COVID opened the doors for MSM, StateTV and all Tech companies to sequester information under the guise that hiding or not reporting is not actually lying. Now it's perfectly acceptable with no questions asked. When anybody in the club asks them to drown something in the results, they comply immediately.

Google has changed from search engine to narrative machine. Stuff like this happens all the time...

Silly MAGAts. Google has a BS filter. DDG is a wannabe.
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Re: Music Video Thread #3471 PitDAWG 02/23/24 07:24 PM
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Re: Ukraine and Russia Cont. PitDAWG 02/23/24 05:37 PM
Biden administration imposes sanctions aimed at Russia on more than 500 targets for Navalny death and ongoing war in Ukraine

The Biden administration imposed a fresh slate of sanctions on more than 500 targets on Friday in response to the death of Russian opposition figure and outspoken Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny and Moscow’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions on the eve of Russia’s two-year war in Ukraine mark the latest move by the administration to levy consequences against Russia amid heightened tensions between the two countries. Friday’s announcement is the largest single day tranche of sanctions since Russian President Vladimir Putin began his war against Ukraine two years ago and is part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to limit the Kremlin’s revenues and hamper Moscow’s ability to source materials for its war.

Speaking from the White House on Friday, President Joe Biden said he imposed the sanctions “in response to Putin’s brutal war of conquest, and in response to Alexey Navalny’s death.”

“Because make no mistake,” Biden added, “Putin is responsible for Alexey’s death.”

Biden on Thursday met with Navalny’s widow and daughter in California. During their meeting, Biden said Friday, he “assured them his legacy will continue to live around the world, and we in the United States are going to continue to ensure that Putin pays a price for his aggression abroad and repression at home.”

The US Treasury Department sanctions prohibit targeted entities from accessing US-based assets, using the US dollar and financial systems, and participating in transactions that involve American citizens or businesses.

In addition to sanctions imposed by the US Treasury and State Departments, the administration also announced trade restrictions against more than 90 entities through the Department of Commerce.

Among those targeted are three Russian prison officials connected to Navalny.

The State Department sanctions hit Valeriy Gennadevich Boyarinev, the deputy director of the Federal Penitentiary Service, which has oversight of the penal colony where the opposition figure died, who “reportedly instructed prison staff to exert harsher treatment on … Navalny while he was in detention,” according to a State Department face sheet.

“Following Navalny’s death, Boyarinev was promoted to ‘Colonel General’ by decree of Vladimir Putin,” the fact sheet said.

They also target Igor Borisovich Rakitin, “the overall head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of1322 Russia for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, in which Penal Colony IK-3 is located,” and Vadim Konstantinovich Kalinin, the prison warden. IK-3, nicknamed “Polar Wolf,” is where Navalny was imprisoned immediately before his death.

The sanctions package released Friday doesn’t directly sanction Putin. He is already sanctioned, according to a Treasury official.

The US, along with other Western governments, has levied a series of sanctions against Russia in recent years, but Russia has adapted to them. Putin has taken to gloating about Russia’s resistance to international sanctions, which take time to have an effect.

US officials have acknowledged the importance of adjusting Western sanctions to keep up the pressure – from ramping up enforcement of the price cap on Russian oil to targeting companies and financial institutions helping Russia evade sanctions – and remain confident that in the long run the Kremlin’s effort to successfully reorient its economy and trade will fail.

Biden has repeatedly condemned Putin and called him “a crazy SOB” in a fundraiser in San Francisco, according to the pool reporters traveling with the US president. The Kremlin, in response, said Biden’s comments were a “huge disgrace” for the United States.

Earlier this week, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan described the package as “another turn of the crank” after withering Western sanctions on Moscow since the start of the Ukraine war. While those sanctions have hampered Russia’s economy, they haven’t deterred Putin from proceeding with the invasion.

US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo told CNN in a call with reporters Thursday that Friday’s package illustrates the United States’ increasing focus on sanctioning companies in third-party countries that are providing materials and key supplies for Russia’s war effort.

“We’re going after the key nodes in the Russian economy that are purchasing a number of these goods from companies in third countries,” he said. “So, our strategy more and more is making it harder for Russia to use the supply chain to build the weapons that they need. And we’re gonna be continuing to do that because our goal has to be to use the tools at Treasury and the Commerce Department to put sand in the gears of Russia’s military industrialized complex.”

“Russia is mortgaging their future in order to pay for the war that they want in their present,” Adeyemo said, adding later: “Putin thinks he can outsmart us and outlast us by turning inward, but Russia’s wartime transformation allows us to target densely concentrated production in a new and efficient way. With such a vertical integration we can hit the entire supply chain.”

In total, the Treasury Department on Friday sanctioned hundreds of entities involved in Russia’s military-industrial base, 26 third-country entities facilitating Russian sanctions evasion, and the operator of the Mir National Payment System – which the US government describes as a “major cog” in Russia’s financial infrastructure. Some of the third-party entities sanctioned Friday include firms in China, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates.

“This solemn anniversary and Aleksey Navalny’s death in Russian custody are stark and tragic reminders of Putin’s brazen disregard for human life, from Ukrainians suffering the costs of his unprovoked war to people across Russia who dare to expose the corrupt abuses that fuel his regime,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement.

In addition to Treasury’s actions, the US State Department on Friday imposed sanctions against those helping support Russia’s energy sector, waging its war against Ukraine, and facilitating sanctions evasion.

US officials had been working on a new sanctions package on Russia ahead of Navalny’s death and supplemented them in the wake of the opposition leader’s death, according to a senior US official, who added that US officials coordinated with European partners on the new package.

The EU and the United Kingdom are both expected to announce their own sanctions packages ahead of the two year anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

While the message the GOP is sending to Putin is to do “whatever the hell they want”.
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Re: Haslems Buy 176 Acre Property In Brookpark PitDAWG 02/23/24 05:23 PM
I've found out that in these times even things I would have thought to be far fetched and impossible are entirely possible. So I would consider this a possibility as well.
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Re: Making a run at my dream. PortlandDawg 02/23/24 03:42 PM
Thanks for the kind words Clem. While we don’t work in the same medium our craft is filled with hours of repetitive, not overly creative or enjoyable tasks to get to where we are.
The discipline part… man, you hit the nail on the head. Creating with steel is brutal. We spend hours welding external seems. Hours of small motor skill, exacting, hot, burn causing work. We then spend hours grinding those welds back smooth. If you’ve never run a grinder for 8 hours you can’t fully appreciate just how hard it is. I lay in bed at night some nights and can still feel my hands vibrating. There's nothing enjoyable about it. It’s not creative or artistic. It’s grunt work, but it’s part of the process. The thankless and at times dangerous part. My only trip to the emergency room as an artist was grinder related. The doc had to cauterize the wound twice to get it to stop bleeding. Grinders don’t cut… they just remove material… be it steel or flesh.

Finished pieces are filled with hours of such brutal, unfun, non artistic steps. Thankless, but necessary. My guess is your work has many similar hours of ‘work’ to get to the place where it’s presentable. The audience only sees/hears the end results. They likely at times think you make it look ‘effortless’… if they really knew… or likely in their heart they do know, and it’s why they can’t play. They didn’t have the discipline.
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Re: The Browns Strength and Conditioning Department dawglover05 02/23/24 01:39 PM
Dang. Black knight should have done hill sprints.
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Re: Deprogramming the cult of Trump - cult expert discusses brainwashing mac 02/22/24 11:54 PM
so you're saying they're useful? did not go that far and a UIP'eers usefulness is determined by Putin and just what these ex-GOPers have to offering Putin.

..does that make the Dems the NRUIP? (NR=Not Really)

Bull...Dems are Americans from America and both America and Americans are hated by Putin and Putin's Useful Idiots.

BTW, the only folks who consider UIP members "useful" would be Putin and Trump...
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Re: Putin Wants Biden For President PitDAWG 02/22/24 08:49 PM
You're right.
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Re: Verdict released in NY Fraud Trial PitDAWG 02/22/24 08:41 PM
Judge in Trump fraud case denies request to pause $354 million judgment

The judge who ordered former President Donald Trump to pay $354 million in fines, and nearly $100 million in interest, in his civil fraud case in New York denied a request from Trump's lawyers to delay formalizing his decision.

In an email to Trump's legal team and lawyers from the New York Attorney General's Office on Thursday, Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York State Supreme Court said he would sign a judgment proposed by the state that finalizes his ruling.

"You have failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay," he wrote, addressing Trump attorney Clifford Robert. "I am confident that the Appellate Division will protect your appellate rights."

Last Friday, Engoron ruled that Trump and the Trump Organization must pay a total of $453.5 million in fines and interest for orchestrating a decade-long scheme to inflate the value of assets to obtain more favorable loan and insurance terms.

He barred them from seeking loans from financial institutions in New York for three years, and said an independent monitor would oversee the company for the same amount of time. Trump is also banned from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation for three years. The decision included a variety of fines and sanctions for several other defendants, including Trump's two eldest sons.

Trump has vowed to appeal the ruling, and has harshly criticized Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James, alleging they pursued the civil case for political reasons.

On Tuesday, the attorney general's office proposed a judgment that laid out the penalties included in Engoron's order. Robert, Trump's attorney, objected to the proposal, writing in a letter to Engoron that it was an "improper, unilateral submission" that "fails to provide any notice whatsoever, thereby depriving Defendants of the opportunity to be heard before judgment is entered."

Trump's lawyers asked Engoron on Wednesday to postpone enforcement of the judgment for 30 days, arguing in a separate letter that the delay would "allow for an orderly post-Judgment process, particularly given the magnitude of Judgment."

Engoron replied over email that the proposed judgment "accurately reflects the spirit and letter of the February 16 Decision and Order," and said he "intend[s] to sign the proposed judgment this morning and to send it to the Clerk for further processing."

Robert made one final plea Thursday morning, saying "there is no exigency or potential prejudice to the attorney general from a brief stay of enforcement of the Judgment," while the "prejudice to the defendants is considerable."

The judge said Trump's attorney had "failed to explain, much less justify, any basis for a stay," denying his request to pause enforcement of his ruling.

In order to appeal the judge's decision, Trump would need to post a bond covering the $354 million in penalties, according to John Coffee, a Columbia University law professor and an expert on corporate governance and white collar crime.

"That will be costly," Coffee told CBS MoneyWatch when the decision came down last week. "Some banks will post the bond for him, for a hefty fee, but they will want security that they can liquidate easily, and that may require some sale of some of his assets."

In an interview earlier this week, James told ABC News that if Trump does not have the funds to pay the $354 million penalty, she is prepared to ask a judge to "seize his assets."

"We are prepared to make sure that the judgment is paid to New Yorkers," James said.
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Re: Retaliation Against Iran Proxy Attacks Has Begun PitDAWG 02/22/24 06:14 PM
That's fine if you wish to stand by and allow those shipping lanes to be closed down. I don't want us to get involved in the middle of a war abut that's different than keeping those shipping lanes open. Thus far a fine line is being walked to prevent us from being in the middle of a war. If that line gets crossed and we do get fully engaged in a war over there I would tend to agree with you.
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Re: Air Fryer Frenchy 02/22/24 05:47 PM
We found those “red bag chicken”, Aldi Chicken filets about a year ago. They are so good. We always have a bag in the freezer and a bag of them in the freezer in the basement.
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Re: Up to 10 injured in shooting near Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade PitDAWG 02/22/24 05:36 PM
The results are the same. Are you trying to say that they aren't?
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Re: Baseball bonefish 02/22/24 03:45 PM
Acuna is making $17. He will get a new deal. He wants to only play for the Braves.

I agree the Braves are IMO the best run organization in pro sports. Their GM Alex Anthopoulos is crazy good at his job. The Braves do a lot for their players. Every player in the game knows about how well the Braves are run.

Nine players in the top 100. Four in the top 20. The entire infield made the All Star team. Michael Harris the CF was the ROY. He will be a 30 HR guy with 35 steals and a gold glove.

Acuna, Riley, and Olson are MVP candidates. Strider and Fried Cy candidates. Sean Murphy the best catcher in the NL. Ozzie Albies at second hit 33 HR's and had 109 RBI's.

The team is so stacked and damn every player is under long term deals and they are young guys.

They had a historic offense last season. They might win over 110 games.
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Re: Trump ranked last in Presidential Greatness in article on Fox media. PerfectSpiral 02/22/24 02:48 PM
trump is the GOP front runner so he represents the entirety of the Republican Party, making every Republican equally responsible for his behavior and crimes. Guilty by association whether they voted for him or not. Pffft GOPers don’t even know they lost their Grand Ole Party to a gluttonous ninny that can’t even read.
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