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Re: Political Jokes Pt. 2 OldColdDawg 06/08/23 04:37 AM
Ah, more 4chan humor.
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Re: Hopkins Milk Man 06/08/23 04:31 AM

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Re: Texas state Senate approves bill to post Ten Commandments in public schools OldColdDawg 06/08/23 04:20 AM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
This isn't about Florida but does show a continuation of how tax payer funded schools are being more and more impacted by religion when they clearly weren't meant to be.

Oklahoma school board approves what could be the 1st taxpayer-funded religious school in U.S.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A state school board in Oklahoma voted Monday to approve what would be the first publicly funded religious school in the nation, despite a warning from the state’s attorney general that the decision was unconstitutional.

The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board voted 3-2 to approve the application by the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma to establish the St. Isodore of Seville Virtual Charter School. The online public charter school would be open to students across the state in kindergarten through grade 12.

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond had warned the board that such a decision clearly violated the Oklahoma Constitution.

“The approval of any publicly funded religious school is contrary to Oklahoma law and not in the best interest of taxpayers,” Drummond said in a statement shortly after the board’s vote. “It’s extremely disappointing that board members violated their oath in order to fund religious schools with our tax dollars. In doing so, these members have exposed themselves and the state to potential legal action that could be costly.”

The group Americans United for Separation of Church and State vowed in a statement Monday to take “all possible legal action to fight this decision.”

Americans United for Separation of Church and State denounced the board’s approval.

“It’s hard to think of a clearer violation of the religious freedom of Oklahoma taxpayers and public-school families than the state establishing the nation’s first religious public charter school,” the group’s president and CEO Rachel Laser said in a statement. “This is a sea change for American democracy. Americans United will work with our Oklahoma and national partners to take all possible legal action to fight this decision and defend the separation of church and state that’s promised in both the Oklahoma and U.S. Constitutions.”

Lock them all up. Theo-fascists. They’re trying desperately to indoctrinate the children. Gotta keep those numbers up or the gravy train is over. It’s shameful and damn sure unconstitutional.
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Re: More Companies going woke! Time for more boycotts! OldColdDawg 06/08/23 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by PerfectSpiral
Originally Posted by archbolddawg
Who's challenging “their” rights as a human being? Be specific.
The same people who hate Mickey Mouse.

Ronaldo G. DeStains and the G stands for Goofy.
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Re: Trump Arrested OldColdDawg 06/08/23 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by FATE
Swish 'resolved' to quit us on 12/31...

Vers got the boot nearly a month ago...

Daman routinely responds to posts a month+ old.

Damn. Was going through some stuff in December, and didn’t know about Vers. Sorry to Swish go, but don’t blame him.
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Re: Greatest Opening Songs to an Album Clemdawg 06/08/23 03:40 AM
Yes 'Roundabout' from Fragile
Steely Dan: 'Black Cow' (Aja)
Miles Davis: 'Blue in Green' Kind of Blue
Weather Report 'Birdland' from Heavy Weather
Pink Floyd: 'Breathe' (DSOM)

There is a theme to the choices I've offered: they all serve as overtures for the rest of the album they lead. They set the stage, tone and stylistic aesthetic for the entire project. The first tune is absolutely key to the success of a concept album. These 5 are prime examples of how that works. I have others, but this is enough for now ( I don't need to get started down this rabbit hole...)

Besides, I come to DT to get away from the 'organized noise' stuff I do for a paycheck.

I enjoy these threads much more as a lurker than an active participant.
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Re: Clevelanders, report. FrankZ 06/08/23 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by archbolddawg
Niece got married this weekend, in Cleveland.

My niece got married this weekend as well, just in Ashville, NC.

We three bear sightings at the house where we stayed.
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Re: What The Hell Is Wrong With People!? FrankZ 06/08/23 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
Well I guess law enforcement was finally able to prove enough for the prosecutor to conclude this incident had nothing to do with the stand your ground law that charges were able to be filed...........

So the system is working?
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Re: NFL Playoff Game to Stream Exclusively on Peacock Ballpeen 06/07/23 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by FloridaFan
How many people would pay $8-10 per game to pick and watch whatever game(s) they choose each week?

Wonder how that would stack up against these tv contracts, for the NFL to just do it all themselves?

I think the amount would have to be higher. You can't go to a movie for $9, but that said, it wouldn't be a consistent revenue stream. The NFL and whatever network want the set season rate rather than the up's and downs of week to week.

I could see a possible pay per view option, but I would think it would be more in the $60+ range. Pay the yearly fee or pay out the ass.

That's how I would do it. So would you. The NFL and network aren't interested in the people who want to cherry pick games.

I don't blame them.
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Re: Deshaun Watson Thread PitDAWG 06/07/23 03:19 PM
It's much easier to throw well when you know you aren't going to get hit. We'll see what happens when the bullets start flying. Hopefully he will look as well in the heat of battle.
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Re: Music Videos bonefish 06/07/23 11:14 AM
Stan Getz could really play.

It was kinda sad that he got labeled as commercial. Stan had chops. He was a damn good horn player.
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Re: NFL Package Ballpeen 06/07/23 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by FORTBROWNFAN
The thing about NFL Sunday ticket that never seemed fair, if you paid for it, they still blacked it out in your viewing area if not a sellout. I just paid a few hundred dollars but can't watch because not enough tickets were sold?

You can always buy a ticket and go to the game.

No doubt that blackout rules still apply.

That was my only real beef with Art Model. Browns home games were never broadcast locally. No matter how many tickets were sold, the guy always managed to set up several hundred folding chairs or fence off various areas of the stadium for standing room only just before the sellout window to keep the games off air locally.
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Re: WR room now Ballpeen 06/07/23 11:07 AM
Originally Posted by hitt
Isn't it interesting there is not a single picture of Schwartz and no one's talking about his speed....or ability....I think the team has moved on....unless he lights it up in pre-season.....GO Browns!!!

All rookies have a window of opportunity. For some it might be as long as a mini camp. For others it might be a few years, but if they don't start to meet expectations, the window closes.

Schwartz's window is about shut.
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Re: Jim Schwartz and the Defense hitt 06/07/23 01:50 AM
What you typed is TRUE.....but, ain't it nice hearing the guys say they like and RESPECT the DC....and he'll hold them accountable......sweet. Go Browns!!!
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Re: Mass Shootings part... I've lost count... northlima dawg 06/07/23 12:55 AM
Downtown Richmond tonight after a graduation. 9 shot 3 fatal
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Re: Thursday schedule release.. lampdogg 06/06/23 11:25 PM
By far, they are nicer looking uniforms compared to the monstrosity-like colours they’ve used the past number of years
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Re: Greg Newsome carjacked Ballpeen 06/06/23 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by mac
Two Browns players robbed at gunpoint, per police report

Jake Trotter, ESPN Staff Writer
Jun 6, 2023, 10:40 AM ET

BEREA, Ohio -- Two Cleveland Browns players were robbed at gunpoint by six masked men, according to a police report.

Police redacted the names of the victims in the incident in the report, but a team source confirmed that the two players were cornerback Greg Newsome II and defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey.

Neither was harmed during the incident, police said.

According to police, the two players left a Cleveland nightclub early Monday morning. When they got to Newsome's truck in a nearby parking lot, six masked men jumped out of an unknown car and robbed them at gunpoint at 3:30 a.m. ET Monday. In addition to stealing jewelry, the suspects fled in Newsome's truck.

Police are attempting to locate the stolen vehicle. Newsome referenced the incident on Twitter on Monday night, writing: "It's a cruel world we live in."

Newsome wasn't the only Browns player to have his car stolen over the weekend. Another source confirmed that Browns backup running back Demetric Felton had his vehicle stolen out of his apartment garage.

The Browns begin mandatory minicamp Tuesday.

It might seem like the Browns franchise along with the local Police Department would have a high degree of interest in this case, providing added patrols in those areas where Brown players and personnel live.

That is why I asked my question earlier. If it is happening at their homes, then the Browns and Police might be able to do something. Since it is in random parking lots or at some clubs closing, I don't see how either can do all that much in the way of preventative measures. They don't keep tabs on these guys after they leave practice.
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Re: Cuckoo Democrats And What They Have Become FATE 06/06/23 10:39 PM
"You guys keep doing what you're doing, we'll help any way we can."

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Re: Economy/Inflation Threads PerfectSpiral 06/05/23 09:40 PM
Heaven forbid that banks that are too big to fail. You know the ones US tax payers bailed out? Would give back a bit to help…
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Re: The GOP and what they’ve become + WooferDawg 06/05/23 09:02 PM
The most obvious thing of interest for Browns fans.

"The victim’s husband said he met Sasser, an employee of Pilot Headquarters in Knoxville"

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Re: Browns News and Notes, Continued.... steve0255 06/05/23 08:53 PM
The 2023 Cleveland Browns are currently most expensive Cap spend team in the NFL this year and they are still not paying Watson's full cap.

___TEAM______________ACTIVE___________DEAD MONEY__________TOTAL CAP COST
1. Cleveland_________$252,753,983 (2)_____$15,738,631___________$268,492,614 (1)
2. Las Vegas_________$231,738,477________$30,067,498___________$261,805,975 (2)
3. Buffalo___________ $254,035,995 (1) _____ $5,221,690___________$259,257,685 (3)
4. NY Giants_________$234,424,891________$22,741,275___________ $257,166,166
5. San Francisco______$239,875,094________$17,100,658___________ $256,975,752
6. Denver___________$244,725,909 (3) _____$9,862,114____________$254,588,023
7. Philadelphia_______$198,623,532________$54,727,983____________$253,351,515
8. Tennessee________$215,303,137________ $36,824,286____________$252,127,423
9. Washington_______$222,730,288________ $23,067,154____________$251,629,942
10. Atlanta__________$231,503,163________$18,741,833____________$250,694,996
11. Kansas City______ $242,244,565_________$7,773,425____________$250,017,990
12. Tampa Bay_______$174,999,876________$74,313,700 (1) ________ $249,313,576
13. Jacksonville______ $241,851,447_________$5,511,505___________ $247,812,952
14. LA Chargers______$242,065,599_________$2,185,926___________ $244,251,525
15. Houston_________$214,477,993________$28,868,565___________ $243,346,558
16. Pittsburgh_______ $228,671,301________$13,756,144___________ $243,297,445
17. Miami__________ $233,832,628_________ $8,995,738___________ $242,828,366
18. Minnesota_______ $211,904,322________$30,359,167___________ $242,263,489
19. Baltimore_______ $230,623,497________ $10,778,981___________ $241,402,478
20. Cincinnati_______ $240,639,647___________$619,060 ___________$241,258,707
21. New Orleans_____ $216,107,676________$24,505,070___________ $240,612,746
22. Carolina_________$188,433,597________$51,535,870___________ $239,969,467
23. Seattle__________$220,737,243________$17,651,253___________ $239,138,496
24. Green Bay_______ $180,530,195________$57,286,686 (3)________ $238,566,881
25. Dallas___________$223,398,210________$14,705,287 ___________$238,103,497
26. New England_____ $213,408,980________$22,949,604___________ $237,943,584
27. Indianapolis______$212,931,348________ $24,839,656___________ $237,771,004
28. LA Rams________ $164,804,299________ $72,223,395 (2)________ $237,027,694
29. Arizona_________ $198,216,297________ $38,322,966___________ $236,539,263
30. NY Jets_________ $225,064,541_________ $8,462,112___________ $234,966,653
31. Detroit__________$212,964,118________ $19,660,139___________ $233,374,257
32. Chicago_________$205,155,222________ $23,470,810___________ $229,376,032
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Re: Free Agency [cont.] superbowldogg 06/05/23 06:57 PM
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Re: Defense Industry Price Gouging PitDAWG 06/05/23 05:55 PM
Fox News Host Confronts GOP Senator on Pentagon's Fifth Failed Audit

A Fox News host confronted Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas about the Pentagon's fifth failed audit as he was discussing the debt ceiling deal.

Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream spoke with Cotton on Sunday about concerns related to defense spending that could be reduced if "waste and fraud" were addressed at the Defense Department, which has now failed its audit five times in a row.

She pointed out that Congress gives the Pentagon more money each year instead of demanding "responsible financial management" and that there are "millions, possibly billions of dollars in wasted money" within the government agency.

"Is there money there that could be helpful to these concerns you have?" Bream asked Cotton. The GOP senator responded by saying that there are opportunities for the Pentagon to reform, especially when it comes to the way it procures weapon systems.

"However, if you're talking millions and billions in reform, we're talking about tens of billions at a minimum and additional needs to deter China and deter Iran, and deter Russia," he added. "We've seen this happen in the past in the Trump era, secretaries were able to find savings and then their savings returned back into procurement of more aircraft and ships and vehicles."

Cotton on Sunday confirmed that the "Pentagon can find savings but not savings to match and offset the cuts in this [debt deal] bill, or the threats that we face from countries like China and Iran and Russia." The Republican senator on Thursday filed an amendment to the debt ceiling package to prevent further cuts to "critical" defense spending.

On Thursday the Senate voted 63-36 to send a bill raising the U.S. borrowing limit to President Joe Biden's desk, ending monthslong negotiations between Republicans and Democrats who were trying to find solutions that would satisfy both sides and prevent the country from defaulting on its debts.

The final deal reduces the national debt by $1.5 trillion, with roughly $1.3 trillion of the savings stemming from instituting caps on non-defense discretionary spending for fiscal years 2024 and 2025. Spending for 2024 will remain around current levels, and 2025 spending cannot be raised by more than 1 percent.

The bill also curbs federal spending that would include possibly cutting out $16 billion worth of lower-priority defense items such as tanks and helicopter upgrades that would usually be included in the defense budget, according to Reuters.

In March, the GOP-led House Committee on Oversight and Accountability said it wanted to investigate the Defense Department for "failing to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse" following its fifth audit failure last November.

The Pentagon was unable to account for around 61 percent of its assets, The Hill reported at the time, citing Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord.

The fifth audit failure comes after 1,600 auditors looked into the department's $3.5 trillion worth of assets and $3.7 trillion in liabilities. McCord said at the time that the Defense Department had a "clean" audit, but "failed to get an 'A.'" A federal law requires all agencies to undergo mandatory audits, and since fiscal year 2013 all federal government agencies were able to satisfy that requirement except for the Pentagon.
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Re: Jim Donovan Leukemis Relapes Homewood Dog 06/05/23 04:01 PM
Agreed. Prayers to you Jim. I wish you the best.
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Re: Mom lampdogg 06/05/23 04:38 AM
Sorry to you and the others who’ve lost parents, especially ones recent. 90 years is a long life, so if she had a good one, take comfort in that. My mom turns 80 next month (I have more gray hair than she), and I sometimes think about the inevitable.
Again, sorry for your loss.
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