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Re: Error PrplPplEater 10/04/22 05:19 AM
Yeah, so I first saw this error a few days ago as well. I didn't think TOO much of it at the time because it seemed to resolve. I didn't know it was widespread and recurring.

I've looked through logs and I can't find any smoking gun, but I am trying a couple of things, one of which is more than doubling the number of allowed connections between the site and the database server. IF this was a case of things just being busy and pages loading waiting for database connections, this should resolve things. Unfortunately, ya can't always get clear-cut answers; sometimes, there just isn't enough info, and intermittent problems are the worst for this.

I'll be monitoring it in an ongoing fashion.
If the changes correct the issue, it will take a while to feel confident that the problem is gone. If it doesn't, then I'll at least know something that it ISN'T.
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Re: Browns News & Notes leadtheway 10/04/22 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by Versatile Dog
The only thing I will say is it may be as Pit mentioned and they consider this a throwaway season and look to retool this offseason and start with Watson game one.

No offense, but I think that idea is absurd. We tanked years ago. We are not throwing this season away.
I agree, and thats why I said that notion is unfair to the fans, I also don't think Pit actually meant it either..But not much else can explain some of the decisions on defense and Wr so far this year.
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Re: DeSantis, once a 'No!' on storm aid, petitions a president he's bashed OldColdDawg 10/04/22 01:08 AM
Gaetz, after voting no on FEMA aid for FL along with every FL Repub, including Rubio and Scott:

[Linked Image from]
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Re: LSD-Like Molecules Counter Depression Without the Trip DeisleDawg 10/04/22 12:57 AM
I love the hot babes riding the Rhinoceros

Am I hallucinating ?

Crap !
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Re: FBI Raid pt. 2 hitt 10/04/22 12:36 AM
100% truth, look up the definition of a narcissist- Trump fits perfectly. He's the ultimate con man.
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Re: Walleye Fishing Tournament Cheaters DeisleDawg 10/04/22 12:05 AM
Wrong in so many ways !

It's like theft !

Someone always ruining a good thing !

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Re: Fire Joe Woods DeisleDawg 10/04/22 12:02 AM
I know this is a Fire Joe Woods thread

I have to say this, sorry !

Football was so much fun on real turf !

Grass and mud stains

grass and mud hanging off a

Face shield !

Old school real football

It has become the WWF ! and

Hell no I don't watch that !
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Re: NFL ending Pro Bowl THROW LONG 10/03/22 11:32 PM
Az long it' about chaning gamez. other has 34 games, how could you get 23 games into a I2 week schedule?
ok, twice a week. sunday and Wednesday. (it's not football.) 8 minutes first half, I6 minutes 2nd half.
Player must skip every 3rd game. player ends up w/ about sixteen games, team about 23. but what about overtime, and here is the viable idea. 'Big 9 overtime"
Each team begins by alternating a FG try from a 35 yd distance or arbitrary. after, if one team is trailing they go first, each team gets
3 downs from 2nd and goal at the 5 yd line, with no automatic first down penalties accessed, and a chance to get a 6 pt touchdown with no pat try.
If tied after all 4 attempts the game ends in a tie. (it's not football, it doesn't have to be.)
"Big 9 overtime because 9 points are possible.
if a defense scores in OT it gains 6 or 2 points with no pat try, and if the outcome becomes unsurpassable the winning team wins.

For instance, if a D scores a 2 pt safety on an opening Fg try of big 9 Ot, and then follows up by making their FG try, they would have a 5 point lead going into the 2nd and goal from the 5, if they then stop the now trailing team from scoring on their opening possession, failing to get 6, then they would be up by 5 and the game would be over.
edit: to be clear, no Fg from the 5yd set-up would be allowed, either in for the TD or not.
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Re: Watson.... The Infection That Never seems To End hitt 10/03/22 11:08 PM

1. No one but the women and DW know what happened during " the sexual assaults"- as defined by a female judge. There is NO video, it is purely a she said/he said.....BOTH parties should be held to WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW.
2. DW hasn't been charged with ANYTHING- how the judge can state sexual assault occurred is beyond me.
3. The traumatised masseuses- some had consensual sex with DW, some got paid off early, some/ one wants an apology AND money in civil court. ALL of these ladies could have walked out of the room/ closet/ suite- most or all stayed for the MONEY.
4. This is one of the everywhere in the world cases- MONEY wanted by those who don't have enough, those who have to much money in the eyes of the masseuses, and the LAWYERS- who laugh all the way to the bank on both sides.
5. MONEY- Browns bought a better QB, paying him well, when he plays he brings value and Browns are worth more....easy decision.

Browns fans want a winner- Jim Brown, best runner ever, check out his past, he was no saint when DW's age. PitDAWG is only saint.
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Re: Injuries archbolddawg 10/03/22 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by superbowldogg
Originally Posted by Rishuz
Myles isn't just stupid, he's immature. 120 in a 70? He should be grateful he didn't kill someone.

No wonder our defense plays like a rudderless, leaderless ship. Their "leader" is an immature, dumb meat head who always finds a way to let his team down.

I thought he was in agoing 65 in a 45 mph?

that's really not crazy speeding...

The 120 in a 70 was earlier. Maybe last year. Terrible. But he got popped A DAY LATER for 105 in a 70. Get the guy a yugo.
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Re: Jeffrey Dahmer EveDawg 10/03/22 10:25 PM
It was really gripping. The best show about him by far.
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Re: Expectations for Jacoby Versatile Dog 10/03/22 09:15 PM
Do you have a Baker poster that you sit around and hate? You get all giddy about Baker doing bad like it's your job Vers. Do you touch yourself making this type of post? Or are you just trying to prove you are somehow smarter than 75% of the board who actually liked Baker over the years he was here? Either way, seek help.

Touch myself? And yet another mental health reference.

Yeah, that has a lot to do w/the Browns winning and losing.

However, I won't return your insults.
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Re: As an FYI, the DT'S Pickems and Survivor challenges are all good to go OldColdDawg 10/03/22 08:32 PM
Missed the reboot too.
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Re: College Football 2022 Dawgs4Life 10/03/22 06:28 PM
In the era of NIL and just needing a face to gather fundraising and talent I guess it’s not a stretch to think someone of his stature could just delegate, but it’s tough to think he could just become a head coach
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Re: Cuckoo Republicans, what they have become pt.7 bonefish 10/03/22 03:44 PM
That quote coming from a former president is stunning.

“ has a death wish; Must immediately seek help and (advise) (can't spell) from his China loving wife, Coco Chow!”

And Biden is senile? Talk about unhinged.

Making threats and stoking asian hate. How delightful for a card carrying racist. Who since 2015 has been rightfully accused of 55 crimes.

Unreal how anyone can take trump seriously. What a loser.
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Re: The Guardians bonefish 10/03/22 02:37 PM
I have to admit that while watching the Browns yesterday. All I could think about was the upcoming Braves game.

Mets came into the series with a one game lead. The Braves needed a sweep against a team that will win a 100 games. Against two Cy Young winners in deGrom and Scherzer and Bassitt who is really good as well.

No problem Braves scored 11 runs and hit 9 HR's off their starters. All three got knocked out of the game.
Braves up 2 with three games to go.

Magic number one. Tonight.

My brother asked me who I would root for if it ended with Braves vs Guardians. I don't know. Hope they both get there. It is a tough journey to make it to the World Series.
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Re: Ukraine and Russia dawglover05 10/03/22 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by PitDAWG
I had no idea about any of that! That has to play mind tricks on Russian troops. And while I haven't seen the equipment the latest mobilized troops have been provided with, I have seen some of the military equipment earlier deployed troops left behind. It wasn't pretty.

I’d have to go back and find the source, but I saw an article where the Russians are taking body armor off of Ukrainian corpses when possible because it’s superior to their own.

Last I checked, we weren’t providing Ukrainians with body armor. Most of their weapons were Russian/Soviet based…which makes me wonder WTH the Russians are using.
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Re: Nothing Good ever happens at a Gender Reveal Party. Squires 10/02/22 06:31 PM

Couple contaminate drought-stricken town’s water supply by dyeing waterfall blue for gender reveal. This was in Brazil, so it's not just stupid Americans doing this.
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Re: The Ohio State Football Thread PitDAWG 10/02/22 04:42 PM
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Re: Jacob Phillips HotBYoungTurk 10/02/22 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by leadtheway
Originally Posted by HotBYoungTurk
Originally Posted by leadtheway
Even when healthy our linebackers are the worst group in the league. Phillips is horrible, he will not be much. We should have brought in schobert or Martinez but Berry refuses to fix his mistakes. That’s why we still trot out the Phillips and Schwartz of the world. Going to be a rough stretch

Get over Schobert.

pretty dumb statement..but then again I see the source. Don't need to "get over" anyone, I couldn't care less about Schobert, but he must have done something to you personally. Bottom line is both of the names I mentioned are better than the trash we are running with. Point is moot because Titans elevated him to active roster

See the source? Get out your feelings.
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Re: Got a new to me truck YTownBrownsFan 10/02/22 03:01 AM
It's hard to find an inexpensive used truck right now. Even 3-4 year old trucks go for $30-$40K. Just insane.
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Re: Frozen bonefish 10/01/22 08:42 PM
Not a lot of interest I reckon.

But I would like to say congratulations to Woniya for finishing.

It was a really hard challenge. It took fortitude and spirit to complete 50 days.

The women came up big. All of them. That was a very difficult place to last 50 days at that time of year.

I can't wait for the original Alone series to return.
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Re: Knee replacement Versatile Dog 10/01/22 06:11 PM
Great news!
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Re: Electric Cars superbowldogg 10/01/22 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by FATE
Originally Posted by dawglover05
While looking at the fuel cell stuff, I came across an article that said it might make more sense for airlines to go the fuel cell route vs electrical. If so, I'm all for it. Too bad that Airbus is kicking Boeing's bus across the board right now, but Boeing made that bed and has to sleep in it through their own selfishness, recklessness and greed.

That's funny, I recently ran across this:

Boeing puts $450M into company building electric, autonomous, passenger-carrying planes

And thought, hmmm... not sure I would willingly jump on one of those. But hey, what's a half-billion, right? lol

They are about 20-30 years from electric planes.
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Re: Biden Admin FATE 10/01/22 04:52 PM
I'm just glad we're finally on the path to getting this done... long time coming.

Thought this was some very inventive thinking that is a win-win-win...

15,000 Tesla vehicles are already in the hands of Uber drivers through Hertz deal

Hertz wins in the rental market and pushes the envelope for electrification. Uber drivers win by saving hundreds per week in fuel costs, along with a program that includes insurance and maintenance. Tesla wins big with a contract for 100,000 vehicles -- and better than that -- a bunch of people sitting in the back of their vehicles in awe. Had a buddy that rode in one and now plans to buy a Tesla, he was all over social media raving about the ride.
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