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#1674024 - 10/07/19 12:40 PM Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Braces for Vaping Fallout
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It's funny but not funny. My first email from the OMMCB said that vaping was a "concern". The second said vaping might kill you -- but don't worry, nothing has been linked to "legal" consumption. Today's message seems to gloss over the part I've bolded. The FDA says don't vape anything. This is interesting because Ohio has insisted that traditional "smoking" is too dangerous and product should be (and can only be, legally) VAPED. Now they're walking a tightrope as these hand-picked manufacturers have spent millions to get this point of introducing concentrates in Ohio dispensaries.

I've never seen anyone die of a lung-related illness after one cigarette or joint, yet, Ohio decided smoking was too dangerous. They also decided we could not be trusted to "grow our own", you know, since nobody has died from marijuana - ever. How can they uphold these ridiculous rules and restrictions while people are dying and have no idea what is going into the product?

There are several states considering banning all vape related activity and many pushing for a ban by the FDA. That's when the poop hits the fan.


Dear Ohio Patients and Caregivers,

As previously communicated, the State Board of Pharmacy and the Medical Marijuana Control Program are committed to providing you updates regarding the investigation of vaping illnesses as they come available. Late yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration strengthened its message to include the following:

The public should not use any vaping product using tetrahydrocannabinol.
Consumers who choose to use any vaping products should not modify or add any substances such as THC or other oils to products purchased in stores.
Individuals should not purchase any vaping products, including those containing THC, off the street or from other illicit channels.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy and the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program continue to work with the Ohio Department of Health and monitor CDC efforts to understand the causes of vaping illness. The Board would like to emphasize that we consider this a developing issue and will provide guidance as more information becomes available.

Anyone who thinks that they may be experiencing serious breathing problems linked to vaping should seek immediate medical attention.

Patients should report any adverse events related to medical marijuana to the MMCP Toll-Free Helpline at 1-833-464-6627.

Patients who are vaping medical marijuana as part of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program should contact their recommending physician about how to best manage the condition being treated with medical marijuana.


The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program

Hmmm, not "we are ordering manufacturers to pull product", just "hey, I guess this is pretty bad, use our government-sanctioned product at your own risk!"

Another intersting article...

#1674107 - 10/07/19 04:23 PM Re: Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Braces for Vaping Fallout [Re: FATE]
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Weve already seen some consequences and its early on
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Q: Is vaping Ohio medical marijuana safe?

Laura Hancock/cleveland.com

A. Under Ohio's medical marijuana law, cannabis cannot be smoked. It can be vaped. Patients vape plant material or THC oil.

There is no known connection between any of the severe lung illnesses and legal Ohio medical marijuana, said Kelly Whitaker, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Commerce, which is a state marijuana regulator.

State regulations allow additives in vaping oil. Ingredients must be licensed and regulated in compliance with state and federal laws, as well as nontoxic and safe for human consumption, Whitaker said in an email.

"Additionally, characterizing flavors, except those intended to mimic marijuana strains, are prohibited from all products intended for use in the vaporization of medical marijuana," she said.

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