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#1907703 12/01/2021 11:59 AM
by eotab
We were at their field and lost another close game...friggen horse shoes I'm sure we are all tired of Horse Shoes.

Big difference of the game was Lamar just throwing up a bomb no where near the Receiver and their guy going up for it locating the ball and catching it - Andrews is so so good. I was flabbergasted at the gushing praise for Lamar on throwing hail mary's in the middle of the game to no one accurately just up there a pop up...Oh did you see that throw remarked Collingsworth he threw that off his back foot hmmm so freaking what as if that was some sort of virtue or something. Unfortunately for us it worked more than it hurt them.

Our defense played great outside of those bombs.

Meanwhile Baker i know all wish to rag on him but just who does he throw the ball up to??? Njoku...he has specs on paper but last two years he hasn't shown his hops for the ball. Hunts dad is complaining that Baker is too conservative (afraid) I agree but this is the QB Ski created He had a QB and instead of taking his positive traits and working with it he has created a round peg in a square hole situation. This is who Baker has become...don't throw and INT dont throw an INT!!! that has been put in him but he use to be a pretty good gunslinger but not any more and all this crap about look at the weapons he has from the media is a lot of hooey I see average across the board - Jarvis runs routes and when happy will catch the ball but nothing great just average stuff. TEs just average proobably the best one out there is Harrison but after his 2 fumbles from last year he has been very scared in going all out but we are seeing some signs of him doing so. Hooper is just OK. Higgins, DPJones are just ok DPJ when healthy has some game.
Chubb Hunt best duo of RBs but Hunt has to get back in the game. Baker, time to take the shackles off the kid as we are ruining him.

JOK is defensive MVP material oh Garrett will get his one sack a game but JOK his explosion is the best from a LB on our team and is an impact player. I saw another difference...we got a FG kicker that is not dependable and they got the best kicker of maybe all time who never misses. Statistically we won that game in all areas but possibly not in penalties - we had a good pass rush that had us chasing Lamar around and then he would throw those hail mary's and the kid went to church cause as stated before that was their offense...and he got away with it although 16 points given up we should win the game.

Time to heal up - tough to win one in Baltimore but next up is home game. Lets see a different result hopefully we won't quit on the team Right now they are in a fragile state of mind and the media are like vultures trying to make anything out of nothing cause as much as they LOVE the Ravens they hate us...
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I emphatically disagree that this had anything to do with the Ravens wanting it more. There was no issue with the Browns effort in this game, the issue was game plan and execution, specifically by the offense.

For as bad as Baker Mayfield played, he still outplayed Lamar Jackson over most of the game. Butfer Lamar's heave hail mary when the guy made a one handed catch while getting dragged to the ground, and the 12 yard TD pass he threw from the 36 yard line while getting his hand hit.. Lamar stunk it up all night. We prevented him from running wild on us but he still had some very crucial runs that extended drives..

Our FG kicker missed a makeable FG and their kicker never misses... and we had 2 fumbles right on the edge of scoring territory, one was Stefanski's fault for using Landry as a pocket passer, the other was Baker's fault for just dropping the ball while backpedaling and waiting for the screen pass to come open.. and it was coming open and should have been a real nice gain. Throw in our inability to adapt and do anything about their 8 men in the box defense.. and there you go.

So yes, they were better coached but they weren't hungrier...
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by mac
EO...nothing in your post that I'm going to disagree with.

We are beginning to see personnel moves that make no sense at all, which leads me to believe that others are involved about who is on the field and who is not.

At the most critical point of the game, with time running out on the Browns last chance to possibly pull out a win...SOMEONE DECIDED to put the #3 running back
into the game, leaving the Browns most dangerous RB, Chubb and our #2 RB Hunt standing on the sidelines and watching...worth noting, both #1 and #2 rbs can catch the ball and Hunt is the best RB to help protect the QB.


Another questionable play that leads me to ask again, WHO IS MAKING THE CALL AS TO WHICH PLAYERS ARE BEING PLAYED AT CRITICAL TIMES.
...3rd qtr..Rats score TD going up 13-3...
...Browns receive kick off..take over at 35 yd line, Mayfield pass to Chubb, short left for 16 yds.
...Mayfield pass to DPJ, short middle for 6 yds.
...Chubb run left for -1 yd.
...3rd down and 5yds needed for a 1st down (at 8:07 mark) with the ball on the Browns 46 yd line. CHUBB OUT, D.Felton in at RB.
...Felton flanks out on left..Mayfield pass to Felton for 1st down yardage...Felton drops the ball...Browns forced to punt from 46 yd line.
...REPLAY SHOWS Felton takes his eye off of Mayfield's pass that ends up hitting Felton right in the chest..BUT FELTON IS WATCHING THE RAT #44 who is about to tackle Felton.


Another question, Higgins was a healthy scratch in favor of ??? Higgins has been a favorite target for Mayfield over the past two years but in this critical game, Higgins didn't see the field...WHY...SOMEONE TELL ME WHY?

Is it the draft boys trying to analyise their personnel choices of 2021, planning for the next draft?
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by myka
I saw a team once again take advantage of it's loyal fanbase and refuse to change things that are obvious to everyone except them.

I saw a team steal a chunk of my childhood/teen/20s and a large part of a lot of people's lives.

I saw the hope drain from everyone I know that's a Browns fan. It's not like other years. Nobody is sad or angry. It's so much worse. They've just accepted that we're cursed losers.
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by Iluvmyxstripper
The Browns are not going 5 and 0 to.finish.the season.

Teans have figured out how to limit the Browns offense.

There is too much.disconnect on.the roster. 2 and 3 is more realistic
Somehow the Bengals have passed the Browns
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