Posted By: bonefish Alone the series - 05/26/22 05:55 PM
My favorite show.

Every season it has been on. I am glued.

Damn I wish it was a show when I was under 50. I would have loved the challenge. If I was given enough time to research the area and prepare myself. Hell yes.

Alone is by far the best of "survival shows." They have to film themselves and I love where the shows have been located.

It is fascinating to watch how the people handle the isolation. You need strong survival skills for sure. But from watching the show most who succumb; can not handle the "alone" part. Those who can get past that part eventually just break down physically.

The physical breakdown and mental part is what as a viewer is so interesting.

Plus I love northern wilderness. I have spent the best times in my life in Canada, Alaska and the Rockies.

I will be locked in for tonight.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 05/26/22 11:58 PM
Thanks for the heads up. Didn’t know it was already back!!
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 12:48 PM
First episode don't know all of the "ten."

Some observations. The 53 year old woman Karie Lee I think. I doubt at her age that she will have the stamina to handle this.

Labrador. I was just nearby last September in New Bruinswick. Because of the humitity and cold it will be brutal. Wet and cold is a bad combination.

The other seasons were out West in British Columbia. Way different. This place gets 60" of rain a year. Staying dry will be really hard.

Benji has a good mental approach. The guy Pablo pretty inventive. But his stove will help for quick heat but the firebox is really small. Not big enough to use bigger wood for longer heat source.

Snares for small game will work. If they can hunt black bear. I would be concerntrating on that. I would find bear paths and food sources. Build a tree stand or serious blind. Killing a black bear might win you the prize. Build a smoker and a cache up high.

Set a full trap line to cover all areas for small game.

This challenge will be all about dry shelter, warmth, and food plans.

This is going to be really hard on these people when it gets cold.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 01:47 PM
Benji has the tools to go far. He’s my front runner right now. Though we only know half the contestants at this point.
My guess is Pablo will build out his stove further to create more thermal mass around it. He won’t need a big fire if he can heat a big clay and rock hearth. Though I think he’s foolish for not considering a better shelter. That tarp roof will seem pretty thin once there’s snow falling.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 02:29 PM
In this area of the country indigenous natives used pit houses.

That would be my choice. When they are done right. They will be warm.

I think this challenge is going to be really hard. I agree Benji is the front runner.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 03:20 PM
It's far too early for me to have any idea of who to think has what it takes. Last night only gave us a snapshot early on. There are many skills involved to survival in the wild. We haven't even seen all of the contestants yet. As with you, I've watched this show since the very beginning and love it.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 03:55 PM
I know it is early. But just from the 1st episode. Benji seems to have a good attitude.

Yes it is to early.

This is going to be hard on these people. I need to find out the local laws and limitations of what they can do.

I love this show. This is a serious test of many skills. It fascinates me to see how each person goes about the challenge.

Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 04:34 PM
One rule they did discuss is that fish must be caught on a fly, which they provided 5 for each contestant, or fish can be dip netted. So no gill nets, trotlines, bait fishing, lures, etc. No passive fishing. Active fishing is time consuming, and exposure heavy. It’ll be tough.
Posted By: Frenchy Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 04:38 PM
Love this show as well. Been waiting many many months for it. I like Benji too, just didnt like him saying he was going to wait at least 30 days before he starts working on a permanent shelter. A lot can happen preventing him from doing so. Weather, health, no food then he is still in real trouble.

I know it’s a lot but just using a tarp as your permanent ceiling, imo is not smart, I know it gets the job done, but enclosing a shelter in all wood, when it looks like there is an abundance of downed trees I think is the way to go this season.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 05:25 PM
Totally agree on starting later on shelter building is not a good plan. If he gets a bear fairly quickly he’ll be fine. If he struggles finding food he’s going struggle with the caloric drain that is building a strong shelter on 30 days of poor nutrition.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 05:34 PM
I believe that a balance between the two would be the wise approach. When winter hits it will hit fast. If you divide your time between hunting and shelter building, you would be well on your way at least to having your shelter finished as the weather hit. Not nearly as much work left to finish if any.

If you concentrate mainly on shelter building without getting protein you will quickly drain your body of the energy needed to hunt and make yourself weak early on. That would severely put you behind the 8 ball early on. We've witnessed that happen all too often on the show.

The approach they are using now to put off shelter building leaves one major question in my mind. Who and how many will wait too long to address building a good shelter before winter hits hard and pay a huge price for it and what will the consequences of that be?
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 05:53 PM
If it were me. I would put a tempory out of the rain shelter. A single ridgepole and tarp.

Then put snares out everywhere. Then begin work on a permanent shelter.

this is an overview for this season:

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 06:21 PM
He does not know about fishing regulations.

He said black bear hunting can be done. You can actually kill two.

He mentions moose and caribou. I don't think so. In New Bruinswick that is a lottery hunt.

Fishing is highly regulated in Canada and it is confusing. I can tell you I was just there in the fall. Atlantic salmon fishing is fly fishing only and you have to hire a guide.

Beaver should be a good food source. They are big and have lots of fat. You can trap them with snares. I have seen it done through the ice.

Muskrats should be prolific in that area. They can be traped and hunted but damn hard without a boat.

IMO the wet conditions are going to play hell on these people. You need to burn a ton of wood and you have to keep it dry.

One resource that I know of in Labrador is birch. You can do a lot with brich bark. You can make a rain shelter for your wood storage. A lean to frame with poles and then covered with bark.

These people better be working hard. Once the cold comes it will be hell if they are not prepared.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 06:50 PM
The fishing regulations was the part I was wondering about when watching the show. Did you see how tiny those trout were? And he had 12 of them. I just kept thinking to myself that there must be a size limit to how small trout must be to be considered legal keepers and a limit on the number of fish. I found that very odd.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 05/27/22 08:00 PM
Fishing regulations in Canada are very specific to species. It can change by the river you are in.

That area has a lot of brook trout. My guess is no size limit but a limit on number.

Whitefish no limited. Atlantic Salmon highly regulated salmon catch and release only three fish per day.


Like I said highly regulated.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 05/28/22 04:56 PM
Oh I have no idea what the regulations are on those trout. I just looked at it and said WTH? Just my natural gut reaction watching it.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/03/22 03:13 PM
Just watched the second episode. Really enjoy "Alone."

It fascinates me how people handle it mentally. This episode clearly proves you can not be in a fragile state of mind. The guy who tapped was in that state to begin with.

I starting fishing when I was five. I am now 74. The type of fishing at this location. I have a Phd. in. Brook trout are aggressive and easy to catch. I would be eating well as long as the weather allows.

The doctor has a good skill set and a good frame of mind. The guy who struggled with fire and said he is a hunter and lacks shelter building skill. He should have done more homework.

When the snow flies this will get very real fast. You must be able to get warm and dry or you will fail.

When you look back at the past seasons and the people who won. They were methodical and highly motivated. You must retain singular focus on the goal.

I would like to believe that when I was in my 30's and 40's. I could have done this. I once lived in a tent for six months traveling throughout Belize and Guatemala. A huge part of this challenge is the alone part. You have to have that ability to get inside yourself and not be overwhelmed by your own thoughts.

I am looking forward to watching this entire season.
Posted By: Frenchy Re: Alone the series - 06/03/22 04:56 PM
Damn there are so many good contestants on this season. My early pick is the Dr, (Teimojin) Don’t know why, just like his set of skills better than everyone elses.
Posted By: Frenchy Re: Alone the series - 06/03/22 04:59 PM
Alone 2022 Contestants


Adam Riley 36 Years
Benji Hill 46 Years
Jessie Krebs 49 Years
Jacques Turcotte 23 Years
Juan Pablo Quinonez 30 Years
Igor Limansk 40 Years
Karie Lee Knoke 57 Years
Terry Burns 30 Years
Teimojin Tan 31 Years
Tom Garstang 35 Years

Here’s a list of them all, hard time remembering them because it’s early
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/03/22 06:40 PM
Thanks for printing the list.

The doctor does seem to have it together. He is spot on about the firepit and sleeping above it.

I know the people submit their skills etc. and then are chosen. Once they know where they will be going. In my eyes you really need to research. Know every resource available. Learn about how the indigenous people lived there. Pit houses.

Nobody yet has built a smoker to preserve food. Really important.

Black bear hunting. Bears have a exceptional sense of smell. I would try to bait them. Hang caught fish. Use charcoal to take away your scent. Be very conscious of wind direction. Build a blind and be patient.

This is a great challenge. I am really curious about how these people go about it. They all have skills.

It all boils down to calories, warmth, and your mind.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/14/22 07:56 PM
Just watched the last episode. Very interesting.

Kind of set the table in a way. Each person has their idea on shelter. The one girl using the trees. One of the best shelters I have seen from an idea standpoint.

Super curious to see it completed. The guy who built the fireplace with cob. Great idea. Smoke can be a real problem.

And so can fire.

Getting a bear would be a game changer. Bears have way better noses than dogs. Baiting would be a good technique.

Once the snow flies if that shelter is not warm and dry. You are done.

You must have snares and traps working while you do other chores.

This will be an interesting season. Good contestants and a challenging environments.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 01:54 PM
Really interesting to see how doing this challenge breaks people down.

Felt bad for Igor. He seems like a good guy. He had a bad plan.

8 left.
Posted By: OldColdDawg Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 04:04 PM
Never watched this, but have watched several episodes of naked and afraid, where they have to survive for I think 21 days with pretty much nothing. I couldn't do it.
Posted By: Frenchy Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 04:46 PM
Those guys getting the beavers will really put them ahead of the other 6 if they take advantage of it.

My wife ask me last night, they cant hit crap with there bow and arrows, but they all say they want a bear, I can see one of them getting eaten, lol. I kinda agree, none of them are super accurate, maybe they get 3 off before a bear reaches them.

Gonna be interesting
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 05:00 PM
Naked and Afraid is somewhat staged. There is a camera crew. Lifeline support. Guys with guns watching them. Most shows are 21 days. Return people 45 or 60 days.

Alone is way more real. They first are trained to to flim themselves. They are a SAT phone away. The challenge is who can last the longest.

This usually gets near 100 days.

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 05:14 PM
Benji is good shape. His shelter is poor but he has food.

I have no doubt he can bait a bear with the beaver guts.

I love this show because there is so much that you must really stay on top of.

As people tap out you can see why. However, being there and doing it way different. Once that hard cold comes and the snow flies.

It will get brutal.

I once lived in a cabin near Basin, Montana. Wood stove, oddhouse, no running water, no electricity, no nothing. I lived there all summer and worked in Basin on a construction site building a ball mill to sluice gold. When the snow came in September you had to get out or you would be stuck there. It was close to the continental divide. The cabin was off a dirt logging road. Impossible to get to in winter.

If these people don't have it together when snow comes. They will tap out quickly.
Posted By: OldColdDawg Re: Alone the series - 06/17/22 07:32 PM
I bet they get thin as hell, I'll have to watch some of it. I'm just not a fan of reality tv shows. Got a sister-in-law that only watches reality tv and news. Big brother, BBAD, Bachelor, Bachelorette, dancing with the stars, etc. She might as well be brain dead IMO. And to her, it's all 100% real, everything. smh.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 06/18/22 06:41 PM
While it's description is a reality show, it's as close to real as I think you can actually get. And yes, in just the first 20 days or so many of them have already lost over 20 pounds. You would never catch me watching any of the shows you listed. You would never catch me watching an episode of the show you mentioned earlier, Naked and Afraid. You also would never catch me missing an episode of Alone.

The only way to watch it is starting with the first episode and watching it as it all unfolds. I don't think you will be disappointed if you like the way it's being described. Because that's exactly what you'll get.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/18/22 09:38 PM
I agree.

Alone is just fascinating for many reasons.

It has gained worldwide popularity.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 06/24/22 04:45 PM
Well, there went Benji.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 06/24/22 04:59 PM
He had a good plan in place and meat to spare. The gut bug took him out. Bummer for him.
Hygiene is important even in the wilderness… especially in the wilderness.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/24/22 05:39 PM
He could of been a contender.

Beavers and giardia go hand in hand. When he was handing the hide is my guess where he got it.

When they create dams and water is stagnant it gets on their fur.

He was going good although his shelter would not have been to good when it got cold.

I am starting to see issues that will arrive soon with some people.

Benji was a good hunter. He probably would have been a good candidate to win.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 06/24/22 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by bonefish
He could of been a contender.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one. naughtydevil I know you are old enough to appreciate the clip.

Yeah, he had everything going for him. I thought he had the edge thus far in the series. You just never know what might take a person out.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 06/24/22 07:47 PM
So funny because when I wrote that it was precisely what I thought of.

One of the best movies ever.

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/01/22 01:32 PM
Really good show. Damn I love the location. It is the type of place where I feel at my best.

All these people are doing well under tough conditions. The snow is coming. That is when it will become extreme.

Alone is such a great series on so many levels. I enjoy how the people become super aware. Our lives in civilization deaden our senses. This type of experience opens all your senses.

Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 07/01/22 02:47 PM
This is the best fed the group has ever been.
What’s her name spent WAY TOO MUCH time and energy on that ‘lodge’. Which still isn’t fully finished. She still doesn’t have much of a hunting/fishing plan. It’ll be interesting to see how she does from this point forward.
The men they showed last night’s episode are all fairly well fed. Have meat stores. Have good shelter. This could go on awhile. Especially if someone gets bigger game before the snow gets deep.
Great show.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/06/22 09:05 PM
Looking forward to this week.

Pablo has the mental toughness but I don't know if he has the skills.

To last now I think you have to get a big kill. Fishing will become very hard and the fish are small. Somebody needs to kill a black bear.

Getting one with a bow will be hard. You have to get close and make a kill shot. Black bears are smart. Their sense of smell is like five times that of a bloodhound.

A tree stand and baiting would give you the best chance. Walking around will not cut it.

Beaver is a good target because you can snare them.

It is going to get very interesting as each week passes.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 07/08/22 09:19 PM
Dude got medically tapped. Unfortunate. He had a great mentality. A good shelter. He seemed like a nice guy. That said, he fell into the ‘big guy’ conundrum. He’s a bigger framed guy. Fueling the furnace to maintain that higher BMI is tough. He had the protein and fat but not the carbs to slow the decline. It takes a lot of work to be a ‘big dude’ in survival situations.
Looking back most of the winners have been smaller, more compact types. It’s playing out that way this year too.

Snow is about to fall. It’s going to get tough. Shelters and will are going to be put to the test.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/09/22 01:00 AM
Just watched it. Show fascinates me.

Totally agree. When he took his shirt off I was thinking he is trouble. Felt bad for him.

Hard challenge 24/7. Tough on every part of body and soul.

Karie Lee she is going to freeze. The snow is coming and it is going to be brutal. The cold eats you like a carnivore.

Beautiful country. I was near there last Fall in New Brunswick.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/15/22 03:44 PM
Teimojin will be hard to beat.

He is in a good place mentally and he is getting consistent calories.

Pablo is not out of it but he has to get calories. Adam is doing ok but I am not sure about his state of mind.

Karie Lee is hanging in there. She is a trip. She has a good attitude but damn her shelter is poor. As weather sets in she is going to freeze.

Jessie was doomed. Tough gal. To much into shelter and not enough to eat broke her.

Hard challenge and the hard cold is still to come.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 07/15/22 04:31 PM
Agree on all points. Teimojin has grouse coming into his camp. All he has to do is not miss. Dude has a delivery app or something. GrouseHub.
He’s the leader in my mind. Compact body type. Getting calories. Good shelter. Good mental makeup.

My concern for Pablo is his GI seems to be off… we’ve seen where this leads. He’s catching fish but can’t gain an appetite to eat them. Not good.

Jessie spent herself building that damn shelter. I saw it as her ruin early on. The calories spent caught up to her quickly.

Karie Lee… I’ve met a bunch of ‘her’ in my years of Grateful Dead tours, spending time on communes, running in the festival scene. Fun girls to have around at a gathering. But a bit nuts for day to day. Lol.

Blonde Dude (can’t recall his name) has a really good shelter. He’s found new hunting ground. Unfortunately it’s a ways from his camp. Will the calories spent coming and going balance with the protein it provides? That’s his future in this game.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 07/15/22 04:54 PM
At this juncture I would certainly give Teimojin a huge advantage. After watching this series from the very beginning such as yourself, I've come up with a theory on why some seem to have more of an advantage than others. Of course their survival skills plays a huge role. I know you're a big fisherman but don't recall if you are a hunter. I believe you are a hunter as well. All of us fisherman know and hunters know as well that some places, spots and areas are more filled with game as well as fish. And while watching the show over the course of years it seems some contestants are blessed with far better areas in regards to game and fish. Areas that produce well and provide more in terms of the food sources required to thrive.

Such is the case for Teimojin to this point. It seems the area he was given to survive presents him with a wealth of grouse. As we've seen often times he doesn't even need to walk out of camp and the grouse come to him. That has been a huge advantage for him.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 07/15/22 05:44 PM
I meant to add this in my previous post but got preoccupied with other things. Something of a new angle with the Alone series coming out in august....

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/15/22 07:45 PM
I did hunt but I gave it up early on. I don't like taking life. I have no problem with ethical hunting though. None at all.

Fishing I will eat some fish. Trophy type I always let go. Catch and release is law in many places I fish.

You are right about area. First task temporary shelter then a really thorough scouting of the area resources. One thing becomes clear after watching every season of Alone. You have to be taking in calories. Once you get to far behind. You can not catch up. You become weak and lethargic.

The guy who stabbed the musk ox. He was relentless about gaining food. So far in all the seasons I thought he was incredible as a survivor.

You learn from watching this show. You spot mistakes. You learn what it takes. I think people lose their focus. Easy to see why.

Alone fascinates me because there are so many factors at play.

The Arctic version will be something. Not for me. Where they are now Labrador. Beautiful. If younger it would be a place I think I would have had my best chance. I know how to hunt and trap beaver and muskrat. I have been fly fishing near there. Bow hunting I have done. That habitat is familiar to me. I have had quite a bit experience with bears.

Easy to say but I know this is serious stuff. Your mind is a strength or an enemy.

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/22/22 07:01 PM
Adam did his best. Losing a pound a day will wear you down.

I have seen every season and episode of Alone.

What I have learned is you can never lose focus on the goal. It seems the ones who tap lose track of the goal.

Pablo has a strong will to persevere. I do not buy his strategy of starvation.

I believe after you first arrive and build a temporary shelter. You have to scout your area and set as many snares as you possibly can.

The area they are in has a big black bear population. None seem prepared to hunt a bear. The guy that got sick and tapped. He might have killed one.

The people remaining will not last much longer. The cold will stop them in their tracks.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 07/22/22 07:20 PM
As I see it they are all pretty run down and on the verge of malnutrition as of now. I don't see one as a strong leader to win. At the end of last week I felt differently but things seemed to have evened themselves out.
Posted By: FATE Re: Alone the series - 07/22/22 07:35 PM
Man, I've never been into any of these-type shows, I think that's probably because I couldn't jump in with both feet during the Survivor craze and have just spurned them completely.

Saw Alone Season 8 was on Netflix, recalled all you fools raving about it, now I'm watching that... compulsively.

My wife is already rolling her eyes as it's something she's not into at all.

I'm sure I'll be binging every season now. If this results in divorce, I'll probably be living on one of these islands, so the info will come in handy. 🤣
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/23/22 12:00 PM
Fate it is a interesting show.

When I went to college I studied indigenous populations and evolutionary anthropology.

It has always fascinated me how people lived. Alone puts these people into a real survival environment. As each day passes them documenting their journey is very real. Each person goes deep into into their own head. Their bodies break down. Their mental state breaks down. They get pushed to their limits.

You rarely get pushed to your limit.

Recently, I was doing my workout at a swimming pool. A Indian (from India) mother and daughter came to the pool. Mother early 40's daughter maybe 18. I exchanged some pleasantries with them briefly. They decided to race each other. The mom won. She was a good swimmer. I kidded the daughter about losing to her mom. I kept doing my workout. And for some unknown weird reason I decided to challenge the mom to a race. I am 74. The daughter called it. 25 meters.

I have not pushed myself with everything I have in a long, long time. I had no idea what would happen. Cramp, give out, get smoked, pass out whatever.
The daughter said 1,2,3 go. I took off with all I had. I wupped her. I hit the end of pool and had taken one breath. Nothing gave out. I made it and won. It felt great. I was like effing A.

As I watch Alone. I know it is hard. You can see how these strong people break down. It is a true challenge. But there is something to be said for giving all you got. To really test yourself. To find out what your limit is.

Mine is 25 meters full tilt after that I was done.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 07/23/22 04:25 PM
That's the thing about Alone. For people looking for fake reality like we see in other reality shows Alone would not be for them. They think reality shows should be filled with entertainment value as it pertains to plot twists and underlying story lines. For those people I think they would find the series Alone to be very boring.

For those of us looking for real in a reality show, Alone is the only such show we watch.
Posted By: jfanent Re: Alone the series - 07/23/22 06:04 PM
There was another show on a few years back about the last people allowed to live in the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge that was really good. I think it was called "The Last Alaskans" or something like that.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/23/22 06:57 PM
I watched all of it.

Read a book about Heimo Korth.

The show was well done.
Posted By: FATE Re: Alone the series - 07/24/22 03:53 AM
Well, this at least, seems real.

I'm not dumb enough to believe there is no artistic liberty, or that the studio is not more "present" than they appear. But it doesn't matter as long as you make me walk a mile in the shoes -- that's what it's all about. Some of it's a bit contrived... "Dude, you haven't eaten in five days, you probably want to march past 'passive fishing', quit making a useless knife, and go get some freaking fish!"

Solid entertainment that has me questioning how absolutely useless I would be in the same situation lol.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/24/22 02:32 PM
This is not any kind of personal attack.

You most likely are not a fisherman?

Because of Canadian fishing laws (which the show must follow) it is fly fishing only.

It is funny that people who do not fish think all is needed is a hook and water to catch fish. Fish are in the water and all you need to do is throw some kind of bait into the water and fish will bite it.

Catching fish is rarely easy.

There are websites that you can go to that show and explain all about Alone. How they pick the contestants. What is required from them.
How they are trained to film themselves. What they can bring and can't bring.

The show has become very popular worldwide. It has a large following.

I think it has become popular because of "making it real." Sure there is editing but I don't think it is scripted.

Posted By: FATE Re: Alone the series - 07/24/22 02:51 PM
Lol. With all the go-between on this site, I would never be offended my someone questioning my fishing skills!

I don't know what qualifies one as a "fisherman". I've fished plenty, including in Canada. Wasn't aware of any "fly fishing only" rule.

To be clear, I'm also watching the season previous to you guys. They've made comments that gill netting may begin after 45 days, so it certainly sounds like there are agreed upon exceptions to the law, custom to the show.

I was specifically referencing big dude (Biko?) complaining that he can't catch fish when he gives it about an hour effort every few days. Meanwhile, he's forging a useless knife from a rusty nail while complaining about being so hungry.

Not commenting on how easy it is to catch fish, just questioning priorities. If I was hungry, I'd give it more than an hour every few days.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/24/22 03:44 PM
That helps explain.

I didn't know you were referencing last season's show.

Canadian fishing laws are strange. It is by the river in some provinces. British Columbia was last season. This season is in Labrador.

The laws are very specific for hunting, fishing, and trapping.

Last year I was in New Brunswick. You had to have a guide. Fly fishing only all Atlantic salmon catch and release. Very strict on all bodies of water with limits by species, size, etc.

I have also fished British Columbia for steelhead. Each river and in some cases sections of the same river had different restrictions. No non resident can fish on Sundays. Indigenous people have whole different laws that apply.

Hunting for moose and some other game is by lottery only.

Watch the season two seasons ago. That was one of the best. The guy who won was really good.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/30/22 11:48 AM
It's getting cold.

This is really getting down to it. All three are hanging in there.

Pablo is like no other person who has been on this series. He is not using fire. He is also drinking water without boiling it.
In addition he is starving by choice to slow down his metabolism. Wow. Plus he is maintaining a spirit of competition. I have to admire him.

He might win this thing.

Karrie Lee with all her hippie where-with-all is hanging tough. She is something else.

The doctor remains strong of will. He is very analytical about his physical state. He is staying strong.

All three are incredible. Hats off to them. I really do not know who will win. I thought Karrie Lee would be done for when the real cold hit. Her shelter is not so hot. But her mind set and skill is right there. The berry gel she made was a dynomite idea.

Totally hooked on what will happen.
Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 07/30/22 04:11 PM
I certainly don't see a favorite at this point. Which makes it far more interesting in regards to the outcome than it has been in some seasons. I agree with everything you posted.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 07/30/22 05:48 PM
It is great to look at all three and say "what is going to happen?"
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 08/05/22 11:49 PM
Great finale.

Juan is the man. Damn, the dude did it unconventionally as you could do it. Drank unboiled water. Did not maintain a fire. Nobody would have done that.

He was not going to give up. His metal approach was singularly focused.

Karie Lee, she was amazing. Not a youngster. She hung on till she was finished. Empty.

Teimojin came away at peace. He went out strong.

So for all us slobbering fans. We bring you "Frozen Alone All Stars." And, "You only get this stuff Alone." Plus, extra coverage and tips on Alone.

All it takes is for something to be successful. Release the hounds for more.

Posted By: PitDAWG Re: Alone the series - 08/06/22 04:06 PM
It was a great finale. It's a thing of beauty going into it with no idea who is going to come out victorious and watching the end all unfold. Alone: Frozen premieres this coming Thursday. I don't know if or how much I'll like it but I'm certainly going to check it out.
Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 08/06/22 04:39 PM
Juan was a tough tough kid. Mentally strong. I was rooting for him.
Karie Lee surprised me. In the beginning I never would have guessed she’d have gone as far. She’s a tough woman, tough person.
In the end it came down to who could hunker down and push themselves into uncomfortable places and not break. Karie not being able to draw her bow… that was her mental breaking point. She thought, if I can’t hunt, I can’t eat. If I can’t eat, it’s over.
Meanwhile Juan was fasting and not concerning himself at all with food. Mentally all he was focused on was staying still and staying hydrated. Both things he could easily accomplish everyday. Mentally it kept him in the game longer.
Congrats. $500,000k is a good payout for a kid his age. My guess is he’ll make smart choices with that money.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 08/06/22 05:23 PM
I was pulling for all three.

Like you I had thought Karie Lee would not get that far. But she had an undying positive attitude. Good survival skills.

She could not draw the bow. It told her she was done.

Teimojin could have gone farther. But he reached peace with himself.

The winners of every season never lost focus of why I am here?

Alone is the test. No camera crew. Just you. And as you weaken the more you get into your head. More time in the shelter - thinking.

Juan never lost sight of winning. He was mentally prepared to starve. But in the end he still had body mass. The reason was because he wasted little energy.

His shelter minimal. He was not chopping wood. He was not hunting. He was not plowing through the snow chewing up calories. He kept his mind on the prize.

Posted By: PortlandDawg Re: Alone the series - 08/06/22 07:11 PM
It’ll be interesting to see if other future contestants adopt his philosophies. No fire, fasting after the easy food it’s gone, etc.
Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 08/06/22 07:18 PM
I don't know.

Different people different strategies. Probably not because most will try to eat and build good shelters. Most will build fires.

Juan was a different guy.

Posted By: bonefish Re: Alone the series - 08/12/22 11:18 AM
This is interesting insight into Juan Pablo and how he prepared and his strategy.

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