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good morning everyone hope you all had a good weekend! 1 less weekend before football starts! me and the mrs have had a good think of this over the weekend. I think we are just going to do 4/5 nights just me and her. Baby was due on Saturday so no
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Jump to new posts Re: Honest question about the GOP by OldColdDawg @ Today at 02:22 AM

Originally Posted By: 40YEARSWAITINGOriginally Posted By: 40YEARSWAITINGIt is not something you need concern yourself with for 6 more years. I will tell you my opinion then. Trump agrees with AOC after Dem warns of 'very real risk' president wil
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Jump to new posts Re: U.S. Open golf by EveDawg @ Yesterday at 11:55 PM

Oh dear God. I was at the sports bar today and this game was on. There was some woman who ran her mouth loudly non stop about this crap. I dont even know how she breathed. Like Non Stop, squealing about this stupid game for more than an hour. A
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Jump to new posts Re: Teacher Reports Illegals to President Trump by Clemdawg @ Yesterday at 11:35 PM

4th grade. Mary Henry. The only way to kill her was to throw a 5 gal bucket of holy water on her. Sat the entire class in alphabetical order. But not the Af-Am kids. She sat the 6 of us in a back corner of the room. Still in rows, mind you- but the
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Jump to new posts Re: Vets Talk to Baker by SuperBrown @ Yesterday at 11:22 PM

It's definitely still June just in case you peeps are confused...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz No news here as usual.
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Jump to new posts Re: NBA Continued... by YTownBrownsFan @ Yesterday at 10:44 PM

Originally Posted By: Versatile DogThanks for the info. LA probably isn't too worried about the picks after this year because they will probably be drafting real late. I think the #4 overall pick this year was huge. I doubt if the deal would have go
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Ok, best clarity from the original post is this. It's not just a crime but making it a "federal" crime, otherwise crimes that don't take place in more than one state aren't really federal problems. 2nd, it appears the evangelical
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Jump to new posts Re: Offensive Install Transition Slow to Mesh by bonefish @ Yesterday at 10:31 PM

Never heard of him. But I agree with what he said regarding Monken. When I listened to Monken at his presser. He did not sound like a guy trying to make waves. It all sounds like media trying to find something to write about.
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Jump to new posts Re: Happy Father's Day! by ErikInHell @ Yesterday at 10:21 PM

My kids were gone for most of the day. Thanks guys.
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Schiff agrees with Trump: 'No question' Iran attacked oil tankers Rep. Adam Schiff. D-Calif., often a harsh critic of President Trump, agrees with him on one thing: Iran was behind the bombing of two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz last week.
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Jump to new posts Re: US ramping up cyber attacks on Russia by PerfectSpiral @ Yesterday at 09:41 PM

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No quit in your game, I see- More like 'Energizer Bunny time'...
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Jump to new posts Re: The Coaches by Versatile Dog @ Yesterday at 09:24 PM

I am not trying to mislead anyone, mac. And I resent that you are implying that I am. Have a nice day.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hunt The Player by Versatile Dog @ Yesterday at 09:22 PM

Originally Posted By: guard dawgDorsey didn't sign Hunt for an 8 game rental. That makes absolutely no sense. The Browns retain his rights, he will be a restricted FA at the end of this season. What Dorsey and the Browns' have done to help him rehab
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Jump to new posts Re: Hawaii by THROW LONG @ Yesterday at 08:33 PM

After reading all of this it seems like Hawaii is a lot of trouble.
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Jump to new posts Re: Ranking Divisions by Running Backs by THROW LONG @ Yesterday at 08:11 PM

Okay, so the obvious solution from this article is, The Browns need Hunt to come back from suspension in week 8/9 with no other problems, and the Browns need to hang on to Duke Johnson. Really need to keep on the Tight Ends, and the replacement
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Jump to new posts Re: Cleveland Indians 2019 season part 2 (starting June 9th) by W84NxtYrAgain @ Yesterday at 04:47 PM

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Jump to new posts Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong by Bard Dawg @ Yesterday at 03:56 PM

Odd topic, perhaps. My wife and I joined our Senior Services Center this year for the first time. I have started studying Tai Chi with some other older folks. I have studied some other arts, Tomiki aikido especially, and some weapons and other mar
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1) I scoff at Oberlin College. 2) I laud Gibson Bakeries immense understanding. I'm hopeful everything will return to "normal" in Oberlin, Ohio. Oberlin College is an Ohio jewel. Quote: It is the oldest coeducational liberal arts co
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Jump to new posts Re: Did we improve special teams? by Ballpeen @ Yesterday at 06:38 AM

Quote:Don't read too much into the old timers comment. Friendly banter, nothing more. We like to do it to millennials too. No offense taken. I am glad I made it to old timer status. Many of us don't get there for one reason or another. Heck, I wa
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Jump to new posts Re: Need Tickets to Home Game (Sept-Oct) by EveDawg @ 06/15/19 08:42 PM

I just scored 3 tickets to the home vs cincy for 157 each, 50 yard line, lower level prime. Isle seats, under the overhang. So some protection if the weather is crappy. Yall must be on drugs to pay 1300 dollars for a seat.
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Jump to new posts Re: Hockey thread by Spergon FTWynn @ 06/15/19 07:57 PM

Originally Posted By: PunchsmackYeah, it was fun watching Boston lose, even though I don't like the Blues. Oh well, good season. Didn't like the teams either, but damn I loved the clashing of styles. Binnington's goaltending in game 7, especial
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Jump to new posts Re: The Gaming Thread, Part IV by Spergon FTWynn @ 06/15/19 05:14 PM

Originally Posted By: willitevachangeRUNNNN! NBA2K19 for 2.99 digital download on Xbox and PS4. Limited time only damn! how is the mycareer mode? i heard the last few years, it's been crappy. It's what i do most on 2k, the last copy i have is 201
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Jump to new posts Re: Your Favorite Songs Or Ones You Really Like by AZBrown @ 06/15/19 03:09 PM

Oteil Burbridge is one of my favorite bassists. His stuff with The Aquarium Rescue Unit was pretty amazing too.
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Jump to new posts Re: Chubb or Hunt by Haus @ 06/15/19 02:51 PM

Pit must mean weeks 7 and 8 (18 carries apiece) because he only had 3 carries in week 6. https://www.espn.com/nfl/player/gamelog/_/id/3128720/nick-chubb By my count, that's 52 carries in 8 games under Hue and Haley, 140 carries in 8 games under Wil
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