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#1806401 - 10/17/20 11:19 PM Re: Post Game [Re: eotab]
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I donít disagree with you. However, I donít think the Steelers offense will allow us to transition back to running the way the Colts did.
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#1806409 - 10/18/20 01:51 AM Re: Post Game [Re: Rishuz]
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Originally Posted By: Rishuz
Originally Posted By: lampdogg
Cody has been kicking it straight.

Until he needed to ice the game last week.

That kick had me working every bit of 'Browns Body English' I could muster.

I'm OK with him so far, but dude hasn't kicked in FirstEnergy in December. He hasn't kicked at Heinz or in Buffalo in Heavy Weather.

It's a little premature to call him the next Phil Dawson.

I hope he has Phil Dawson on speed dial... and is mining the gold that Phil learned from all his years here. Buy him steak dinners, hook him up with high-end prostitutes for his intel, whatever... Phil knew every square centimeter of that field. He knew every wind direction tendency of the stadium, and was better at predicting how (and exactly when) to kick than Doppler Radar. We had games when Phil kicked in a calm, 50į 1st qtr, and had to kick on a 36į, windswept 4th qtr.

Grade: Incomplete.

I foresee a game that hinges upon this kid's leg/accuracy/focus/will to win. What he does in those next few moments of his life will tell us whether he's truly the next Phil Dawson or not.

Phil Dawson's cleats are the size of clown shoes.
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#1806412 - 10/18/20 03:57 AM Re: Post Game [Re: Clemdawg]
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When he was with us in 2016...ugh that year...he did alright. Made 80% of kicks and banged through one that was 50+ yards.

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